Tuesday, April 25

A few thoughts

Well, it's been quite a while since I've posted something (at least it seems that way), so I urge you to read through my ramblings and randomness. The past couple of weeks I've been having the weirdest dreams. A lot of Lietuviai have been in them, and they've just been absolutely absurd. I'll get into them in the next post or in the 'comments' section if anyone wants to hear them.

For anyone that follows real sports, Arsenal will be in the UEFA Cup Final Match vs. either Barcelona or AC Milan (They play tomorrow, 4/25). Hopefully Milan will win cuz they are a powerhouse and I luv them. That reminds me, the World Cup is this summer and I'm SO pissed cuz I will be at Neringa and I won't be able to see any of the games. If anyone wants to buy me XM Satellite Radio and a portable player, it would be much appreciated, and your money would not be wasted, and you'd so be coming to my birthday party.

Sarunas was in Florida this past week, uh, working. I think he's back in Sweden now though. What a life that kid has. I think he wants to come back stateside in July so if anyone wants to contact him, don't bother, he hates you. That goes double for you anonymous.

For anyone that follows real sports, playoff hockey HAS BEGUN! I know we have 1 rangers fan here (man, I totally thought they'd be winning, and now with Jagr out, you guys are screeewed). Some rookie on Philly got leveled on saturday nights game vs. Buffalo (which they lost), and it was so awesome. ( www.nhl.com > Highlights > Plays of the week (right side.) It's right past the half way mark if anyone's interested.) Anyway, for some reason I'm rooting for the Senators in the east, and San Jose or Calgary for the west.

If dunno if anyone knows that I got a temporary filter put into an artery near my lungs last year, but I did. It seems that I had a blood clot around my hip (right side) and they were afraid it would go into my lungs so they put in a new type of filter, one that they could take out later. Since I'm young, they didn't want to put a permanent one in me cuz later on in my life I'd be fucked up (or something). Anyway, they're taking it out next week and I'm, how do you say.... not excited. The reason is because they are going in through my neck to pull it out (To put it in they went through the groin area, but it's an 'umbrella' shaped filter so they can't pull it down). I mean, I'll be heavily medicated, which is awesome, but still that doesn't sound all too delicious. I am kinda pumped for those drugs though. Also, I gotta inject myself with blood thinners for two weeks after that. Ghey.

Oh man, I watched the first season of Battlestar Galactica last week in two days, and I gotta say, that show is fuckin balls. I'm trying to get the second season ASAP cuz it's so unbelievably awesome. My life seems so empty because I'm not watching it, thought I'm on the second season of Deadwood, and that shows pretty awesome as well, cocksucker. I urge you peoples to check out both series, but definately check out Battlestar Galactica.

Anyway, that's all I have now. Gas is overrated.

Monday, April 17

I havent posted a picture in a while, so I figured, why not one in honor of the the Vkruk himself

Neringa :::mano bitches

It seems like I havent posted here in ages- some thought I was dead, others simply missing in action- I am here to alleviate these rumors- I have been as a matter of fact, neither dead nor missing, simply lurking in the shadows of anonymity waiting for the opportune moment to strike as it were. The reason Ive resurfaced is to remind everyone that Studentu Stovykla is drawing nigh once again- back with a vengeance- better than ever- a fiesta of the senses!!!!! Who's going? Are you? Well, those questions are both rhetorical- because you are going- not to go would be silly, right? HA- another rhetorical question, of course not going would be silly!!! But for the sake of formality, to get an idea of who the select devoted few are....let me know-

I return to the shadows to await your responses....

-gintas(defender of things)

Saturday, April 15


so how did everyone's marguciai come out this year? Mine, as ussual, came out not deliciously. This year i made mine saturday night, after everyone had gone to bed from a hard night of card playing and drinking. I was not exactly dissapointed, i liked both my designs, which i came up with as i was making them, but as ussual was unable to execute them. I don't have steady hands, especially it turns out at 2 in the morning after i've been drinking since 6, but my biggest problem is that the dye comes off in my hands, and so some places end up either white or very light, does anyone else have that problem? it's totally sucky. Although i didn't haver the problem i had last year of the wax coming off in my hands, or at least not as much, that's way worse.

Monday, April 10

Question of the day

So everyone knows that drinking water before going to bed helps prevent a hangover, except in Lithuania where not only do people not do it regularly, but refuse to try it when i suggest it. Now, my understanding is that drinking water prevents you from getting dehydrated, which is the cause of hangovers, and so my question is this. If you drink like 2 and half liters of water, but then stay up for another 2 hours because you can't sleep, and piss 5 times during those 2 and a half hours, then does drinking the water still help, or does it just increase the number of times you have to piss. I'm asking because a friend of mine...

Sunday, April 9

Human Interaction

So i was sitting on the microbus last night, when the following sequence of events happened. It will be easier to understand if i first explain the set up of a micro, it goes 2 seats together, then isle, then 1 more seat. Until the very back row where there are 4 together. So first 2 women get on, who clearly know each other, but they don't sit together, instead they sit across the isle from one another. Then a woman comes in by herself, there are no more single seats, so she sits by herself where there are 2 available seats. at this point all the single seats are taken, and there is at least 1 person in all the places with 2 seats, leaving only the very back open. Then a mother and girl get in. The girl goes all the way to the back, waiting for the mother to pay. At this point the 2 girls who know each other decided to sit together, thinking, i assume, that someone else might have to sit next to the girl sitting by the 2 seats. Then the woman who came in by herself quickly moves to the vacated seat, so that she won't have to risk any human interaction on the micro. The little girl then goes to the vacated double, so she and her mom can sit there without the possibility of someone else sitting next to them.

It all reminded me of Isaac Asimov's story about a planet with only a few hundred inhabitants. They use artificial reproduction, so nobody has to ever interact with anybody else.

Thursday, April 6

Brownian motion

You know those guitars, that are like...double guitars

More than 1 way to kill brain cells

So you know that saying, "it's like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, it feels so good when you stop." People often use it in reference to something like a final exam in the sense that although the act itself is not that enjoyable, you'll feel so much better after it's over that it's actually not that bad. Well i found that i do in fact feel very much better after final exams, so i figured i'd give this hitting myself in the head with a hammer thing a try. You got to figure it's even better, or the expression wouldn't name after it right? Wrong. It didn't feel at all good when i stopped. In fact it felt quite terrible. I think i would have felt better doing just about anything else instead during that minute. Has anyone else tried it? maybe i didn't hit myself enough times, i only did it 3 times, or maybe i need to hit myself harder. Has anyone else had more success?