Friday, May 27

Won't somebody please think of the children.

What exactly is the indication that a 5 year old is not ready for kindergarten? Is it possibly that the kid is 5 years old. Why would anyone expect a 5 year old to have the ability to sit still? That's just stupid. America is lagging behind much of the rest of the world in education, is there some sign that children in other countries have improved sitting still capabilities than american children? Somehow i doubt it. Why have adults forgotten in the past 25 years that children are children, not adults. All the sudden it has become a sin for a child to act like a child. Punishment is required for any child who cannot behave to the level that would be expected of an adult (despite the fact that many adults are themselves not capable of behaving properly.) How about instead we just let kids grow up and learn about the world the old fashioned way, by being kids. This is just another excuse to spend money for no purpose other than to spend money.

Tuesday, May 24

And what if we've picked the wrong religion? Every week we're just making God madder and madder?

Well this sounds like a good plan. Because jews don't have enough problems already, so they should start lighting each other on fire in disputes about where they pray. I don't tend to be super anti religion, i'm not very religious, but for people who enjoy it good for them. But it seems like so many of the worst things that people do, whether it's the muslims, or this, or looking back at history etc. religion is behind so many of them. I guess that's not fair because communism certainly has more than it's fair share of atrocities, but jebus. Is where another jew prays really worth lighting him on fire over.

I don't have any opinions anymore. All I know is that no one is better than anyone else and everyone is the best at everything.

I'm pretty sure i've written about this before, but it bears repeating, you can't have it both ways. Feminists cannot say on the one hand that a woman has a right to decide what to do with her body, but then be upset if she uses that right to abort girls. Homosexuals are likewise up in arms about finding a gay gene. Because although a gay gene might prove that being gay is not a choice, but rather a way you are born like eye color, they are afraid that if a gay gene is found it will lead to gay abortions. Either a fetus has a right to life, or it doesn't. The idea that gay or female babies should have special rights against being aborted is just childish.

Friday, May 20

Suggestion noted.

Funny because true. This might make sense if Israel had initiated the 6 days war, claimed more territory, and now to get peace the palestinians want that land back. That's not what happened. Israel was attacked. Israel was attacked and they won the war, and as part of the war settlement these lands were ceded to Israel. By what possible logic do palestinians now get to come back and say you know what we really would like it if you just pretended that you were never attacked and that the land was never ceded to you. The idea that Israel should be required to do anything to have peace is stupid. When has Israel ever started a war? Israel would have been happy to have peace from the beginning, it's the arab countries that find reason after reason to have war. Arab countries have never wanted, and will never want peace with Israel. Nobody what Israel does there will be war. This is no different than appeasement with Obama playing the role of Neville Chamberlin. Peace in our times.

As a side note, i don't understand why jewish people vote overwhelmingly for democrats/Obama. I guess it remains to be seen if they will continue to support him, but i would never support a politician who treated Lithuania the way Obama treats Israel. I guess a lot of american jews don't care about Israel, and/or don't believe they have a right to exist, and so don't mind having Iran wipe them out. There was discussion before his presidency if Obama was a muslim. I don't think he's a muslim, he's probably an atheist who goes to church for political reasons. But it's clear that he is far more sympathetic to muslims than he is to jews or christians. Possibly because of growing up in indonesia, or maybe just because of his political beliefs. Regardless Lithuanian americans put their time and money behind freeing lithuania from soviet control. American jews could have a very strong voice in supporting Israel if they wanted to, but it doesn't seem to be a priority for them.

Thursday, May 19

The fingers you have used to dial are too fat.

This is kind of a tricky issue. But i have to side with the flyers. Southwest shouldn't be allowed to let people fly one way at a given price and then for the return be allowed to double the price on them. If you weren't required to buy 2 seats on the way out, you shouldn't be required to buy 2 on the way back. That is of course assuming it was a short trip during which you couldn't have put on that much weight (2 weeks or less.) But in general fat people should absolutely be required to buy 2 seats. They cost more to transport because of their added weight, and they make people they are sitting next uncomfortable by taking up so much room. The difficulty is that it's a judgement call. There is no easy way to say who should be required to buy an extra ticket and who shouldn't, so you'll naturally have discrepancies.

I'm personally also in favor of requiring all people to step on a scale with their bags and carry ons and have the total weight determine the cost. There would have to be some base cost so that small kids weren't flying basically for free, but a flight that costs say 200 dollars now could instead cost 100 dollars plus 50 cents a pound. That way everyone whose weight plus luggage at up to more than 200 pounds pays more, everyone else less. This idea that it is wrong to require people who use more of a service to pay more is just stupid. (and i say this despite the fact that as a relatively large person, i would probably end up paying more.)

Wednesday, May 18

I’ll have the smiley face breakfast special. Uhh, but could you add a bacon nose? Plus bacon hair, bacon mustache...

five o’clock shadow made of bacon bits and a bacon body.

I'm down with anybody who recommends starting a day with bacon and eggs. The rest of the advice i could take or leave, but it's worth a quick read i guess. I have read several recent things about vitamin D being very good for you and helping people lose weight, and if you live in more northern areas, and/or are older your body doesn't produce as much naturally so that might be a good one to think about. Although i've also read relatively negative things about taking vitamin pills (as opposed to consuming vitamins which appear naturally in your food.)

Monday, May 16

Come to Duff Gardens, where roaming gangs aren't a problem anymore.

Why is this legal? Based on what should disney be allowed to claim exclusive rights to the term seal team 6 just because they filed some paper work. So now they get to make all the money that there is to be made off of this based soley on being the first to file paper work. That's stupid. In order to be granted a trademark you should be required to prove that either you've done something to create the value that a phrase has, or that you are planning to do something to create value in a phrase. If a phrase has become valuable through your efforts, then it makes some sense that you should be allowed to benefit from that value, and not somebody else. I have no problem with disney making money off of the happiest place on earth, or Muhammad Ali making money off of float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. They promoted those phrase. They instilled them with value. Seal team 6 is valuable because of the actions of the members of the team, and the national media using/promoting the term. The term should belong either to the government, the only group that can legitimately claim to have created the value, or just be in the public domain free for anybody to use.

Homer: Two more feet, and I can fit it in the fridge.

Marge: Homer, I found this behind the radiator. I really think you
should throw it away.
Homer: Suggestion noted.

Homer: Marge, I'd like to be alone with the sandwich for a moment.
Marge: Are you going to eat it?
Homer: [pause] Yes.

When will people learn, democracy doesn't work.

Couple of more articles about the raw milk idiocy, and cops again harassing law abiding citizens. I realize it's repetitive, but it's just so outrageous i can't stand it.

Thursday, May 5

Well of course, everything looks bad if you remember it

Not really surprising the hyprocrisy involved here. If bush does something it is bad evil and stupid, if Obama does the same it is good and brilliant. Also not to say republicans are often equally hypocritical, but they often get called out about it by john stewart etc. I doubt stewart will be calling out pelosi or olbermann for their flip flops so i figured i might as well make note of it.

Tuesday, May 3

Marge, I agree with you -- in theory. In theory, communism works. In theory.

It is one the gross travesties of justice that communism is not held accountable for its crimes. Nazi are held in vile contempt and the symbol of nazism, the swastika is considered a hate crime if you paint it someplace. But communism is just that thing that didn't work. And the hammer and sickle is actually considered trendy or fashionable among many people. Germany has be forced to apologize and hang it's collective head in shame, but Russia is allowed to stand proud and celebrate it's murderous history. I blame this primarily on the academic left which has steadfastly refused to heap the criticism that communism deserves because they are essentially communists at heart and believe communism was just an unfortunate experiment that didn't quite work out. Also partially on the fact that americans and westerners in general were never directly confronted with the gruesome deaths caused by communist regimes. Those deaths were behind closed doors when they happened, and now are just numbers and statistics. Had the US soldiers marched into the Ukraine and seen the millions of dead from starvation the way they saw the jews in Germany i think condmenation would be much stronger. In any case Communism is responcible for far more deaths and is every bit as gruesome as nazism and i fully support any effort to bring more attention to the human misery it has created.

Monday, May 2

Crap on a crutch. They're milking rats. Milking rats. Rats? I'm outraged. You promised me dog or higher.

Good to see the federal government has it's priorities straight. Obviously the country is doing so well, they have resources to spend preventing people from buying milk. If they were trying to pass off unpasturized milk as being pasturized, or just implied pasturazation by a lack of any sort of label that would be one thing. But people seek out raw milk because they think tastes better/is healthier/whatever, and the government is paying (the article doesn't specify but i would expect millions of dollars) to prevent it. That's not america, that's not even mexico.