Tuesday, November 20


It occurs to me that i seem to be the only one posting on this blog. As a result i was wondering if i should continue posting on this blog, or just restart my own seperate blog. If the other contributors to this blog could weigh in on the topic, that would be helpful.

Ethics Final From Hell

This is too long to put the whole thing in a post, and I don't know how to put in a link. http://www.jumbojoke.com/ethics_final_from_hell_1302.html
That's the link to "Ethics final from Hell." If copying and pasting doesn't work for you just google ethics final from hell and it will come up. Let me know what you decide.

Wednesday, November 14

Children's rights?

Some parents have not gotten their kids immunized and as a consequence the children have been barred from school, and now the parents face time in jail. It's not clear if the fining and possible jailing of parents was the school boards idea, but they certainly support it. The chairman was quoted as saying "this is an educational crises" "This is a public health and a children's rights issue." How is this a children's rights issue exactly? Because children shouldn't have any rights? You are taking away there right to not get vaccinated. You are forcing them to be vaccinated because you think it's what's best for them. I haven't studied vaccinations in any serious manner, but i know that there can be allergic reactions to them, and i believe somme people have theorized that all these vaccinations could be a contributing factor in the skyrocketing numbers of autistic children. There are probably hundreds of theories for autistic children, and i doubt there is any serious evidence that vaccinations are realated, but it is still a possibility. So in the name of children's rights you are planning on making it illegal for them to refuse a vaccination. What's next requiring that all children eat meat at school in the name of children's rights? requiring that all children get haircuts on a regular basis in the name of children's rihgts?

What exactly are the problems here. THis is an educational crises only because they have made it one. They have barred the kids from school. Hey i think i have a solution let the kids go to school. Crises averted. Next problem? A public health issue. How is this a public health issue. Whose health is put at risk by children not have vaccination? Only there own. So the schools thought is, it's possible you might get sick, and even though the other kids have been vaccinated against disease and can't possibly get it from you, you probably shouldn't be allowed at school. This is no more a public health issue than people who drink, smoke, eat fatty foods, or go basejumping. There isn't even any second hand smoke problem, if the kid isn't vaccinated against chicken pox, he might get chicken pox. Big deal. That's what this is about chicken pox vaccinations and Hep B. So here's the solution. Don't worry about it. It's not your problem. Just like it's not your problem if kids don't eat all their vegtables at home. It's their parents job to raise them and decide what's best for them. Not the governments job. Cause the government sucks at it, just like they suck at everything. There all crises have been dealt with and averted.

Friday, November 9

False advertising

So first off i dislike campaign finance laws. The whole idea is clearly unconstitutional. People talk about free speech all the time nowadays in many contexts, but the whole point was that you should have the freedom to speak freely about politics. And now the government has created all sorts of laws banning you from doing so. If i wanted to spend millions of dollars to convince everyone that they should elect vytenis as president that should be right. I should be allowed to tell as many people as i can, but the government says that's illegal. I can only contribute 1,000 dollars, or whatever the number is to help convince people of his awesomeness. It also causes things like hilary's campaign has seen where she's getting huge contribution from children and people who are living below the poverty line because someone else is giving money in their name and now we don't know where the money is coming from. THat's totally bogus in every way. What they aught to do is allow candidates to take as much money as possible from anyone but it all aught to be a matter of public record where every cent came from. If someone wants to take 10,000,000 dollars from the mafia fine, and the the voters will all know he took that money from the mafia, and if they don't care he can be elected. if they don't like it he doesn't get elected and learns his lesson.

Anyway the reason i bring this up is because of a commercial i saw again recently that should be illegal if anything is. This is a commercial featuring exclusively children saying they cannot vote now, but if they could they would vote for this, and someday they'll grow up and that's what they will root for. Who do you think would sponsor such an add, seems like it aught to be parents trying to help fund education or childrens health care or something else that's important to children. No, these children are worried about social security and pensions. They are going to vote for candidates that are going to protect their pensions. I'm not sure which pensions seeing as how the children are 10 years old. Not sure of course until i see who actually sponserod the commercial. AARP. So in fact this commercial was funded by old people in an attempt to take more money away from children's causes and give it to old people. I'm sure that's exactly what children are in favor of. give all our money to the old people. You could not possibly be more dishonest. You might as well have a commercial full of women talking about how much they want to vote to end women's suffrage, except that would actually be funny instead of outrageous. I'd like to see what the AARP would do if there was actually a proposal to give kids the right to vote. I'm sure they would oppose it with every dollar they have because they know those kids would start funding programs for themselves instead draining the countries resources to keep old people alive

Tuesday, November 6

Fuck Bees!!!

I will punch every bee in the face. This weekend i went out to chainsaw an old dead tree behind our garden, and while i was distracted with my chainsawing i was savagely ambushed and attacked by bees. I received at least 10 stings, the last of which came 15 minutes after i had left the scene. Apparently the bee had been stalking me it flew at me and tried to blind me stinging me a centimeter from my eye. Sucks to be him cause i'm fine and now he's dead! Plus yesterday i covered myself from head to toe, went back and chopped the crap out of that tree. My dad thought the bees had been living in the tree, due to my garb my eyesight was less than perfect and it's not clear to me yet whether or not they were really living in the tree, but i threw the stump in the pond. If they were living there, they're dead now, and if they were living someplace nearby i'll find them and punch them all in the face soon. I will attack them with all the extra attack elements from realmz: Poison, fire, ice, and lightning. Poison, fire, and ice will be easy to arrange, I'm not sure what exactly i need to offer Perkunas to convince him to strike the bees with a blast of lightning.

p.s. I put a picture of myself after being stung by a bee up on my facebook profile.