Sunday, April 1

My Homer is not a communist. He may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a communist, but he is *not* a porn star!

Not surprising that Obama would accuse Romney of living in the past of Russia, but in fact it is Russia that is living in the past. They have an ex KGB as the despot of their country, they have made alliances with all of the U.S. enemies, like Iran, and they have made repeated assaults against former soviet republicans that they feel should still be in their domain. An actual military assault in Georgia, and an internet assault against Latvia (it might have been Estonia.) It is Biden who shows his ignorance by claim Russia is united with us against Iran (they are not) and his naivity at thinking Russia and Putin see us as anything but enemies. Bush had the same flaw claiming he saw in Putin's soul or some such nonsense and saw someone he could work with. Putin will never work with the US he will use the US for his own purposes whenever possible and undermine the US and all western democracies at every opportunity he gets. What exactly is the difference between the Russian political system now, and the political system during the cold war that anyone should think there has been any change in Russia since 1990 or that their ex KGB leader would have anything but hatred for the West?


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