Wednesday, May 25

Lietuviai have superstrength....apparently

I was watching a weight-lifting competition on TV this morning and Zydrunas Savickas broke like three world records in weight lifting....One I believe was for static lifting 400 lbs. six times, another one was dead lifting more than 900 pounds I think and I forget the third one...rediculous...find out more at

Lietuviai are awesome....maybe maciunas and penikas Vs this guy would be an awesome fight

Studentu Stovykla, studentu stovykla...its not too late, I just sent in my registracija today, and last I heard from Kovas, there isnt anyone that has registered...which kind of blows because if this stovykla is going to happen, people need to sign up for it, you cant just show up on the 21st of August and be like "yo, what's up, where the party at?" You know? The "registracijos formos" can be found at .... So if youre going to be there, fill out the registracija and send it in....deadline is June 1st (which I think is absurd, but I wont get into that)

and again, if you have neringa and/or lietuva pictures that you want online, send them to me so I could post them at or if you would prefer to appear on this blog, either I or Vytenis can sign you up as a member of this site, and all you have to do is download a program called "Hello!" or "Picasa" Im pretty sure its the first one and itll be as easy as pie for you to post pictures here at Kaip Suprast...

Iki Sekancio

Tuesday, May 17

The Word of the Lord

LokysG (12:12:39 PM): and proclaim it the best list of people being cartoon characters in the history of mankind

There. Enough Said.

Monday, May 16

The Uncanny X-Lietuviai

"I wonder what X-(Wo)man I'd be?"

It's obvious that you've all thought about that question, and realized that there were too many to choose from. Would you base your choice on powers? Looks? Attitude? Well, the official list has been compiled. You are as follows:

Tomas Kuras = Cyclops
Aistis Juska = Colossus
Simas Aronas = Toad
Gintas Stirbys = Wolverine
Aliukas Wolosenko = Gambit
Norby = Magneto
Mantas = Quicksilver
Bennet = Forge
Jonas Maciunas = Beast
Lokys Gust = Mr. Sinister
Kristina Lingertaityte = Jubilee
Vytenis Krukonis = Iceman
Laimis de Sa Pereira = Puck
Simas Phillips = Sabertooth
Gintas Adomkaitis = Juggernaut
Darius from Lietuva = Nightcrawler
Alvydas from Lietuva = Omega Red
Dainius Sileika = Professor Xavier
Sirvydas Vebra = Morph
Alvydas Knasas = Archangel
Liepa Gust = Lady Deathstrike
Vaida Simonaviciute = Mystique
Vida Ziaugraite = Callisto
Daina Maciunaite = Storm
Kovas Juska = Bishop
Hampton = Sauron
Dainora = Jean-Grey
Dilba = Thor
Grazina Snipaite = Dazzler
Saulius Kliorys = Silver Samurai
Loreta = Scarlet Witch
Mantvydas = Havok
Inga Moss = Shadowcat
Perkunas Krukonis = Mastermind
Gaya Stirbyte = Darkchilde
Aldona = Apocolypse

If anyone can think of more (which we doubt), post a reply, and if it's good enough it will be added to the list and you will be awesome.

Sunday, May 15

Matchups of the Century!!!

The outcomes of these fights to the death have already been decided, and soon enough we'll have a poll up for each fight so you'll be able to "weigh-in" so to speak....they are as follows:

Maciunas Vs. Penikas
Norbie Vs. Bennet
Dirbtuve Vs. Meno Namelis
Pavilijonas Vs. Valgykla
Virtuve Vs. Siuklsiu namelis
Koplycia Vs. Berzu Sventove
Tryliktas Vs. Pasaku Namelis
Prudas Vs. Kliuciu Takas
Krepsinio Aikste Vs. Tinklinio Aikste
Biblioteka Vs. Rusys
Simas Zmuidzinas Vs. Jonas Kunca
Aliukas Wolosenko Vs. Simas Philips
Otto Vs. Time(Just kidding- Otto can, has not, and will never die)
Naktipieciai Vs. Ledai
Ginty Adomkaitis Vs. Alvy Knasas
Darius(from Lietuva) Vs. Alvydas(from Lietuva)
Vyru Dusai Vs. Mergaiciu Dusai
Lokys Vs. Liepa( Lokys and Liepa join forces and merge into one being named Liekys or maybe Lopkys and go on to fight and devour Maciunas)
Ligonine Vs. Sale
Spiral Vs. Uogavimas
MOnty Vs. Algytis
Tadas Vs. Mantas
Zip-Line Vs. Supynes
Vytenis Vs. Kuras

Ones that are impossible to match-up because of their unimagineable stregth include P. Aldona, and wait an amazing fight would be Veliavu Vs. the skambutis-which means that Aldona is the only fighter that remains unmatched.....wait...wait holyshit....theres one more....


P. Aldona Vs. Lauzaviete


Sunday, May 8

Motinos Diena

The whole staff here at Kaip Suprast? just want to wish you a Happy Mothers Day.

Tuesday, May 3

Baltijos Jura from the Northmost point of Neringa taken on Aro Birthday - ahh...Lietuva Tevyne Musu...sigh...


I know that including this Ive just made four posts in less than an hour but hear me out.

First, does anyone know who's going to be vadovai at neringa this year?

Second, I want to start putting Neringa pics online, doesnt matter what year they're from. I just dont want to post them here, so I want you(everyone) to start sending me neringa pics and I'll open an account at or some other site and we'll be able to dump them all there. With a few pics from everyone we should be able to get a substantial amount. And who knows, maybe it'll be awesome???

Kaip suprast?
Some days I just dont feel like a's some stories that'll make you feel like one, because some people are just so dumb.

56 hours in a week???

So a couple days ago I'm sitting with a friend from work smoking a cigarrette and she tells me she's dead tired. To show her that she's overworking herself, I add up all the hours she works a week, not counting school, and it figures to be about 56. A minute or two go by and she turns to me...completely serious and says- "Gint...are there even 56 hours in a week?"

Of course, I had no response to that...and promptly killed her...actually I just stared at her, but if looks could kill....she'd be in trouble...

Life is just too good sometimes....Kaip suprast?!

this is an old story but...bananas?

no more banana splits....stock up while you still can!!!

Monday, May 2

What... ?

In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary... come again?

His middle name is Kardinal? Kas cia darosi...

Some german bought a used car only to find its previous owner be.... non other then the Pope himself! So, doing what any other smart german would do, he put it up on ebay for like $12,700USD. A day later it was.... well I think you should look for yourself... (
PS- I had to take out the link because it was fucking up the posts

Sunday, May 1

Lugan jokes are funny....because they're in Lugan

Kazkur vandenyne i negyvenama, nuostabaus grozio it rojus sala ismetami zmogeliukai:

>2 Italai 1 Itale
>2 Prancuzai 1 Prancuze
>2 Vokieciai 1 Vokiete
>2 Graikai 1 Graike
>2 Anglai 1 Angle
>2 Bulgarai 1 Bulgare
>2 Svedai 1 Svede
>2 Australai 1 Australe
>2 Neujazelandietiai 1 Naujazelandiete
>2 Iranieciai 1 Iraniete
>2 Singapurieciai 1 Singapuriete
>2 Turkai 1 Turke
>2 Austrai 1 Austre(Moteris)

Po menesio... 1 italas uzmuse del itales kita itala. Abu prancuzai su prancuze laimingai gyvena meiles trikampyje. Abu vokieciai turi griezta savaitini plana, pagal kuri jie tvarkingai keiciasi vokiete. Atejus laikui myletis, moteriai arba skauda galva,arba vyrai perdauk sustresave del kitos savaites plano sudarymo. Abu graikai miega kartu, o graike gamina jiems valgyti ir tvarkosi. Abu anglai laukia, kad juos kas nors pristatytu anglei. Abu bulgarai pirmiausia nuzvelge bulgare, po to tada isplauke...Abu svedai mokosi savizudybes meno, tuo tarpu kai svede skaito pranesimus apie tai, kad jos kunas priklauso jai, ir apie feminizmo pagrindinius istatymus. Na svarbiausia, kad nesninga ir mokesciai yra nedideli. Australai yra visi bisexualus, ta gi -neiskyla jokiu problemu. Abu naujazelandieciai saloje iesko aviu, tuo tarpu kai naujazelandiete susidraugavo su bananu,kuri ji atsitiktinai surado. Airiai padalino sala i Siaures ir Pietine dalis ir pastate Viskio gamyklele. Sexa jie tuoj pat pamirso, kai apsvaigo po pirmuju Kokoso-Viskio litru. Bet jie yra laimingi kartu, nes vieningai susitare jokiais budais nenusileisti anglams! Singapurieciai tebelaukia savo vyriausybes nurodymu. Turke greiciausiai yra niescia, tad abu turkai nuolat kabina sviesiaplauke svede. Abu austrai progai pasitaikius isnuomoja austre uz tam tikra mokesti turkams ir prisiperka Kokoso-Viskio pas airius!

I'll post another one as soon as I can find it?