Thursday, September 30

Facts are meaningless - you could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!

So in the past 40 years the number of teachers has doubled, while the number of students has gone up 10%. The cost of educating a student has almost quadrupled in inflation adjusted dollars and performance has at best remained steady. So obviously The only possible solution is to increase the number of teachers even more.

Unfortunately i know longer remember the guys name, but there was a mathematician who endeavored to determine the benefit gained by leaching people a couple hundred years ago or so. He conducted a statistical analysis, not sure where he got his data, but what he found was that leaching patients didn't seem to have any beneficiary effect for their health. So he came to the only logical conclusion. Doctors must not be leaching patients enough, they need to draw even more blood. I think Obama would be a fan of his.

Tuesday, September 28

Now that she's a better person, we can see how awful we really are.

As if it wasn't already clear from the vastly differentiating financial situations, here is just another example of how government employees are entrenching themselves as the ruling class of this country. They don't need to be punished for their miss deeds. when corporate CEOs go to Vegas for a conference it's a waste of company money, but when Census workers decide to have a conference in Vegas paid for by the tax payers, that's a necassary expense.

If a guy drives home drunk and kills somebody they go to prison for 50 years (i want to make it clear i have no problem with that) A drunk driver is needlessly engaging in extrememly dangerous behavior that endangers the rest of society, and that punishment is fine. But if a police officers is driving 126 miles an hour while emailing people and talking on a cell phone to his girl friend, he deserves no jail time. 90 days probation is enough for that guy. Plus he needs to be paid for 2 years of leave while the case is pending, just in case it turns out he didn't do anything wrong while pointlessly driving 126 miles and hour without paying attention to the road. And then on top of that he needs to get workers comp because he was on the job. It doesn't matter that he's already pleaded guilty to commiting a crime, a crime that lead directly the accident he still needs to be paid for it. It would seem to me pretty cut and dry that if what you were doing was illegal behavior it was obviously not part of your job, and therefore you were not acting in a proffesional capacity while engaging in illegal behavior and as such have no right to workman's comp. That might be true for a normal person, but cops are just better than regular folk, they need that money.

Here are cases of federal prosecutors intentionally abusing their powers, for which they suffer no serious consequences. As a result of their misconduct people are sent to prison, or even executed, but is there any punishment for them? no, of course not, they don't even need to lose their jobs. They are government employees after all. So if you are an ordinary person and you commit a reckless/dangerous/illegal act and end up killing someone prison for 50 years, but if you are a cop or a prosecutor no punishment necassery because you are part of the ruling class. This is like when they had differing penalties for the aristocrats and peasants in the middle ages. Peasants get some extreme harsh/brutal penalty, aristocrats pay a fine. Maybe the peasants also had the right to pay a fine, i don't remember, but obviously none of them had the money so the right was essentially meaningless.