Thursday, April 12

Jimmy Carter?! He's history's greatest monster!

Thanks a lot to the Supreme Court for making it legal for police officers to strip search anybody they arrest without cause. I don't remember all the ridicoulos cases that were brought up where people were strip searched but it ranged from failure to use a turn signal to using a bycicle without a helmet. The man who brought the case was arrested and strip searched for failure to pay a $200, which he had in fact already paid. A clerical error by the town failed to credit him for the payment which he had made. As the article discussed only 1 out 25,000 prisoners are found to have something illicit through the use of strip searches, the purpose of the strip search is not to eliminate contraband, but the establish the power of the police officers. The sole reason for the searches is to prove to those who are arrested that police have complete control over you, to the extent of forcing you to strip naked and spread your butt cheeks for them. One problem with this is that the punishment of going through this humiliation is greater than the punishment for the crime. Therefor before a man is convicted of anything, and still presumed innocent, a punishment is meted out to him that is worse than the punishment should he actually be found guilty, which may be just a 50 dollar fine. I think most Americans would prefer to pay the 50 dollars than have to go through the strip search (it depends a little on how a person makes.) They claim there is no way to draw a line between who should get strip searched an who shouldn't. Of course there's a way, there are plenty of ways. How about if the punishment for a crime warrants a month in prison or more than the offense is considered serious enough that a strip search may be allowed. Or a year, or any number. Or how about if it's a felony. We already break crimes into categories of felonies and misdemeanors, lets continue along that path. And just to be clear this doesn't cover if police have a reasonable suspicion that a suspect might be hiding something, like he's a known drug dealer or something, we are only talking about cases where cops admit they don't have any suspicion that a person has hidden anything, but are going to conduct a strip search anyway. Luckily many states have taken the initiative to outlaw this themselves, and hopefully more will follow.


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