Monday, March 26

You know what really aggravazes me? It's them immigants.

They wants all the benefits of living in Springfield, but they ain't even bother to learn themselves the language.

Well this makes sense. This guy has been convicted of terrorist related crimes, he is not a british citizen, and yet the british government is spending $10,000,000 a year to let him live in a nice house in britain instead of deporting him. And then the government runs a massive deficit and has to cut spending on education. Only government beaucrats who believe there is an infinite amount of money could possibily believe this is a good idea.


Blogger Trashcan said...

Here's another example. He pleads guilty to drunk driving and almost hitting a cop car and his only penalty is surrendering his license for 45 days? I would advocate harsher penalties for drunk drivers regardless of citizenship i think you are endangering everyone on the road (although it's a sliding scale depending on just how drunk.) He's in the country illegally and he almost hits a cop car he's so drunk, why is there any question? He should wake up in his native country tomorrow. Also just to be clear i would advocate for allowing more legal immigration, i'm not against immigrants but illegal is illegal.

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