Friday, April 29

Bum Wrap? That doesnt sound good... at all...

I love this country. Also...

"Kids, blogs and too much information"... you hear that M. Bison?

Broke a glass at Savas Kampas....kept drinking...thats me with beer and glass shards in my mouth...Kaip Suprast????

Terrible but Hilarious

Finally, a more shocking joke than "The Aristocrats." From, Man Says 7-Year-Old Joke Led to Killing, AP, April 26, 2005:

A man shot a former co-worker to death on Easter because he was offended by a joke told seven years ago, authorities said Monday.Stanford Douglas Jr., 29, was arrested on murder charges Sunday after a two-hour standoff with police. He allegedly shot William Berkeyheiser, 62, three times in the chest and shoulder on March 27 at Berkeyheiser's suburban home.Prosecutor Diane Gibbons said that Douglas told police he had been thinking about killing Berkeyheiser since 1998, when the two men worked at a Philadelphia nursing home and Berkeyheiser told a joke that offended Douglas.The prosecutor would not say what the joke was.

The downside: This joke was clearly hurtful.
The upside: It was also clearly memorable.

Disclaimer: low culture does not advocate laughing at people getting killed. That would not be funny. In fact, it would be totally hack.

I got this off of ...great site!!!!

LokysG: yo goofball
LokysG: i sent you a picture to post
LokysG: it's way better than those goofy pictures you have up there now
mrgintas2000: geez....sorry
LokysG: you better be sorry
LokysG: you and your poo market
mrgintas2000: oh come dont think thats even mildly funny?
LokysG: is it really that surprising that the british have poo markets
LokysG: yeah it's funny
LokysG: i'm just joking around
mrgintas2000: good, i was scared for a minute there, scared that i was a total lamo
LokysG: well you are a total lamo
LokysG: but it's cool to be lame
mrgintas2000: works for me
LokysG: being lame is totally in
LokysG: us lamos took over when we realized we out numbered those goofy cool people
mrgintas2000: that pcture is amazing, hilarious, and absolutely terrifying
LokysG: is that the first time you saw it?
LokysG: that was the best halloween costume ever
mrgintas2000: yeah that my first time.....and by far the best halloween costume ever
LokysG: yeah i was so proud of myself after that night
LokysG: of course it didn't really look that good
LokysG: one problem was that my hair was really long
LokysG: and it wouldn't stay under the bald wig
LokysG: plus my fat was very unbalanced
mrgintas2000: but man....still awesome
LokysG: but still awesome
LokysG: my clothes got so yellow by the end of the night
LokysG: that's at the begining
LokysG: the was another picture at the end
LokysG: my pants and shirt are just completely yellow
LokysG: cause all the paint came off
mrgintas2000: hahaha
mrgintas2000: i need you to think of a caption for the picture
LokysG: okay, lets see
LokysG: i'm not really all that funny in the middle of the afternoon
LokysG: i don't know, probably you should just wait until tomorrow to post it
mrgintas2000: i have an idea...
LokysG: cause there is a lithuanian party tonight
LokysG: and i'll get super drunk
LokysG: and then i might thiink of osmething smart
mrgintas2000: ill post it now, i can always change the caption later
LokysG: or if you have an idea
LokysG: go ahead
LokysG: i can add a message later if i think of something to add
mrgintas2000: Ill change it tomorrow if you think of something smart Posted by Hello


This is just to let everyone know that if you want a picture posted here @ Kaip Suprast just send it to me(gintas) via email at and I'll make sure I post it faster than you can say "Hammer of Thor." Well, it'll actually take a little longer than that, I mean, I can say "hammer of thor" pretty damn fast



If anyone appreciates good humor, check this out:

Thursday, April 28

If you haven't noticed, I'm going picture crazy. This one I took walking along the Thames....Poo Market? I wonder how their prices is just too good sometimes...more to come you loveable schlubbs!! Posted by Hello

SHHHHH.....dont wake the sleeping bears.... Posted by Hello

A Brilliant Idea!!!

I'm not going to say much more, but....sportu diena....sumo wrestling.....hah!!! Spread the word.

Oh God!!!! A bear is attacking vytenis....this is bad news! Posted by Hello

The future of news

Well this is the beginning of the end, and this blog is gonna be awesome, so I suggest you check back whenever you can. Stirbys should be posting random pics that will astound and intrigue you, and I'm sure I useful somehow too

PS- I hope that's maple syrup

LIARS!!!!!! Posted by Hello

new years at my house? and who is that bearded man? Posted by Hello

anyone want more of kovas abusing simas? Posted by Hello

sorry I couldnt rotate this.....but simas is getting punched in the face.....hahaha Posted by Hello

wait it isnt? I've been duped!!!! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 27

Oh my God!!!! Posted by Hello

the beginning of an amazing blog....

this site makes me want to cry glass

thats all, all i wanted to say was that this site makes me want to cry glass....aciu, sudieau