Wednesday, March 31

mmmm. unexplained bacon

I'm not sure this is really worth the effort. Probably better to just bring a plate of bacon, but i guess it is unique.

Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!

Outrageous. Companies are adjusting their accounting to reflect increased healthcare cost since the passage of this bill? How dare they. Who are these CEO's to allow their accountants to accurately reflect increased costs due to the government collecting more taxes from this. This simply will not stand.

Or at least that's how Henry Waxman feels. First off i've got to say obviously this Waxman fellow is the pigman from seinfeld. Not that he deserves critisism for being the pigman from seinfeld, if anything he should be congratulated for rising so high in life, just something to note. Now to the point of hand. Never mind that these companies are required by law to change their balance sheets to reflect their increased costs, we know that it is racist to saying anything that could discourage people about this healthcare bill, so these racist companies are going around spewing their hate speech, and it simply will not stand. So Waxman has ordered them to appear before congress to explain themselves (obviously for a crime of this magnitude this is no explanation) and probably to lecture them on proper account methods. The type that have allowed this.

Naturally politicians are required to lie to the public and pretend nothing costs anything and we can just keep spending money indefinitely with no worries, but CEO's of actual companies, that actually create things, create jobs, and increase the well being of society are required to report accurately to their investors.

Saturday, March 27

We want to give your child the best possible start. Believe me, we have enough imperfection built in already. Your child doesn't need any more additio

Beyond the fact that obviously nobody should have any say whatsoever about how much you are willing to spend for the genetic material that become your children (biologically speaking the entire purpose of being alive to ensure your genetic material or else genetic material as close as possible to your own continues successfully, so obviously good/successful genetic material is in fact priceless.) This is just another step towards gattacca. Anyone who reads this blog who hasn't seen that movie (seems unlikely there is such a person, but anyway) should see it. For the rest of us while nobody is yet suggesting the screening of created embryos to genetically profile it and determine pluses/minuses. Genetically screening potential parents for desired features is the first step along the way.

I'm feeling kind of low, Apu. Got any of that beer that has candy floating in it? You know, Skittlebrau

Obviously i'm in favor of bacon vodka, and i can support several of these other vodkas, at least to try out, but i'm not sure how i feel about hotdog vodka. also what do you do with the hotdogs afterward/ Do you cook them and eat them, or just toss them? It reminds me of a beer commercial for a while back that i can't remember anymore. Vaguely is some guy boiling some gross looking hotdogs and a voiceover discussing how people wonder what a hotdog is made of. And then the voiceover explains the hotdog is made of many different things coming together to form a whole, just like america. Rather than wondering what a hotdog is made (cause it's made of america) maybe you should ask what are you made of. And also drink our beer. I'm not anti hotdog, i've probably eaten more hot dogs than most people my age, but given the option between vodka that tastes like bacon and vodka that tastes like hotdogs what are you choosing, cause i certainly know what i'm choosing. Other meat flavors that might be good for vodka, pepperoni (might just taste like pepper vodka) salami, pastrami, those are all strong tasting meats, that hopefully could get enough of their flavor in to make it worthwhile. I believe i mentioned before, and have always meant to try to replicate some cucumber gin i tried once, but never did. I think the next time i buy a handle of vodka i am really going to try to baconize it.

Friday, March 26

"I'm a little busy right now achieving financial independence." "With cans of used grease?" "No, through savings and wise investments. Of course wit

h grease!. I guess i ran over the character limit for titles. How stupid. I've always hated character limits on all this stuff (facebook, blogs, etc.) What the hell, if someone doesn't like me leaving long comments they can just tell me, instead of having blanket character rules. Anyway

They are just a couple of articles discussing the unbelievably high amount of money the government is spending. The first says that the national debt will reach 90% of GDP by 2020, and the second that within 50 years the government will be spending 50% of the entire GDP a year. Nothing surprising here, in fact if anything it's surprising it will take so long given that we unprecedented deficits now, and that those in charge seem not to give them a second thought. I do really wonder what it is that democrats are thinking will happen in the future. Do they really believe that the government will be able to sustain social security and medicare (not to mention this new health bill.) Or do they just think nobody will ever vote any of this stuff out, so we'll just wait and then eventually they'll let us raise taxes. If spending really increases they way the cato institute (libertarian think tank) suggests, there is no level of taxation that could make the system viable. The other question is why are young people allowing this. Don't they realize they are the ones getting the big screw job here. They are going to be paying taxes and paying taxes, and when it's time for them (me) to collect the government will be so unbelievably broke they won't be able to pay any more. Anyone under the age of 40 should be outraged at the government over all this red ink which will mean higher taxes for them while they are working, and lower (if any) benefits for them after they retire. We also found out social security is for the first time in the red this year. Social security is already paying out more in benefits than it is taking out, so cuts/tax increases have to start immediately. No politicians are willing to take anything away from old people because they need the votes. Young people don't vote, and if they do, they all vote democrat anyway, so there's no point in pursuing their votes. The elderly are bleeding the country for everything it's worth and everyone else is paying the price. Thanks a lot both republicans who had control of both houses and the presidency and failed to keep a budget, and the democrats who had 60 votes in the senate plus the house and presidency and seem to delight in how high they can push the deficit. The money seems imaginary now because the numbers are so big they couldn't possibly be real, but they are real and we will all be paying dearly for it.

Wednesday, March 10


Great idea government. So once again you've managed to take something that was terribly crummy, and make it even worst. It seems almost effortless, and really you should be applauded for the ease with which you are able to do it. why is it these fines are going anyway? $27,500? what ever fines/penalties the airlines are paying ought to be going to the flyers they have inconvenienced. I feel confident in saying (although the article failed to specify) that the money will be going to the government. What did the government do to deserve money? Nothing. How was the government inconvenienced or harmed, not at all. Obviously any fine money should be going to the passengers. For $27,500 i'll spend 3 days on a plane and shit in my pants when the toilet get's full. You could have much smaller fines of say $1,000 that go directly to the passenger. That would provide some small motivation for airlines to not have huge delays on tarmacs, while also benefiting the aggrieved party in such cases, and not giving such an enormous incentive to airlines simply to cancel flights when there is any risk at all of penalty. And people would actually be happy about a government regulation for once. It's clearly an everyone wins situation (at least compared to the governments current plan), which is exactly why the government could never implement it. Hopefully this is just an intentional theft/money grab by the government at a time when they have no money. More likely the government has accidentally just put another nail into an airline business that was already struggling. Or maybe the democrats have outfoxed everyone, and are intentionally trying to killing the airline business to stop global warming.

p.s although the title of this post is obscure, it is a simpsons reference and is at least tangentially related to this post. See if you can figure it out without use of the internet. Double points if anyone recognized it before reading this post script.

instead of chewing gum, chew bacon.

Can you be serious? Luckily i don't live in new york, or i would be truly outraged. Also i rarely go out to eat, but when i do i expect salt in my food. I once agreed with a girl that she wouldn't smoke for a month, and i wouldn't eat salt for a month (specifically i wouldn't personally add salt to anything. some food is naturally salty like corned beef, and if someone else made something well it is what it is.) It was the worst food month of my life. Particularly bad because there were some good foods that should have been delicious, but they were accidentally not salty, don't worry just add some salt i was told. Little did they know i couldn't. Anyway who thinks making salt illegal should be a crime. If you want to eat healthy food MAKE IT AT HOME. If i go out to mcdonalds guess what i'm not expecting healthy food. I'm expecting something fast, of edible but not delicious quality, that would kill me if i ate it every day. And frankly if eating salt with my food, and mayonaise with my sandwiches causes me to die 10 years earlier than i would have otherwise, it was worth it. What's illegal next? any food with butter, any food with sugar, coffee, i believe i'm mentioned this before but they are turning us into that future society from demolition man, and that society sucked. They didn't even have sex anymore cause of veneral diseases. Well screw you democrats, i'm going to keep eating salt, and fat, and any other unhealthy food i damn well please. Plus having sex instead of that virtual thing they did in demolition man, it wasn't entirely clear what it was, but screw that.

The unsolved mysteries of... unsolved mysteries.

I'm going to go ahead and say i don't know what this article is about. I didn't bother to read it. The only reason i posted it is that it's about the voodoo priests of haiti, and that made me laugh. For any simpsons fan, you know what i'm talking about, if not sucks to be you, and go watch the x-files episode of the simpsons.

Monday, March 1

Neringa in Florida?

This sure seems like something that we would do at neringa. Not with the berlin wall of course, but with the indoctrination etc. I'm a little surprised they were allowed to do it at a public school, but i suppose they didn't force the kids into cold showers or tie them up when they committed crimes.

64 slices of american cheese.

As i recall aras really likes blue cheese on his hamburgers/i feel like you mix it into the ground beef. Anyway, i was never a huge fan of the idea, but it was certainly okay as a change of pace, and would do so every once in a while at northwestern some blue cheese, bacon burger. Anyway, wendy's has picked up on the idea. And are now surving a burger that has beef then blue cheese crumbles, then bacon, then sauteed onions. Then the burger goes in my mouth, and if the commercial is to be believed then i need a napkin to clean up the mess i will have made in my pants. In reality, i would much rather make such a thing at home to my own specifications rather than buying one at a fast food place, plus why wouldn't i just get the jbc, but still worth noting that wendy's is trying.