Wednesday, April 30

What kind of world is this anyway

This video speaks for itself. I can theoretically understand the for everything to be clean, but i want to know what it is about bacon that posses a health risk. Bacon has already been smoked, it doesn't even need to be cooked before you eat it. Of all the food going bad in restaurants/vendors carts around the US, i think bad bacon is the least of my concerns. It sounds to me like the makers of those high-tech carts paid off the health inspectors to make everything except for their cart illegal, and the best excuse the health inspectors could come up with was bad bacon. Depriving people of bacon ought to be a capital crime.

Monday, April 21

Man am i glad i took all those vitamins

According to a new study on vitamins A, C, E, selenium, and beta-carotene supplements, shows no statistical evidence that any of them either help prevent disease in healthy people, or help sick people get healthy. In fact vitamins A, E, and beta-carotene are linked to higher mortality rates. I should point out that this study was about taking supplements, not about ingesting vitamins in their natural food form.

The point remains that once again the industry of healthy eating has been proven to be bogus. As far as i know every major study about healthy eating has proven time and again that everything is bogus. I learned in health class that you need to eat fiber so you can poop a lot to prevent rectal cancer. But when a clincal study was done to test anecdotal evidence on that fact, the study showed no correlation between fiber intake and colon cancer. That study was like 15 years ago, so why are kids still learning the opposite in schools? When they did clinical studies on schools by decrease the amount of fat in kids diets, they found no health benefits. There was something recent about women and fat intake, but i forget exactly. Of course there was also the study that showed that the life expectancy of overweight people is higher than that of normal weight people. Here's a question why would you define normal weight as a weight that is more likely to lead to early death? Cause these people have no idea what they are talking about, and yet they still feel authorized, and even compelled to try and tell me what i should and shouldn't eat.

Thursday, April 17

Fake apologies

I'm really sick of fake apologies. People do this all the time now, especially politicians. This is the apology where they say i'm sorry if i offended you. It's like when you agree to apologize to someone and you say i'm sorry you're such an ass. Even worse is i'm sorry if you were offended, now they won't even admit that they did anything. you were offended by something we don't know what, and we are sorry that it happened. Here is Obama's apology over the bitter/guns scandal: "If I worded things in a way that made people offended, I deeply regret that."

He won't even admit that anyone was offended. If they were offended than it was the way in which things were worded that made people offended. It wasn't the speaker who made people offended it was the wording that was responsible, but i will be the bigger man and apologize on the words behalf. I for one found his words offensive and much more offensive was the audience to which they were delivered. Therefore i clearly cannot accept the apology he gave on behalf of the wording of his words. The wording of his words did me no wrong, and they have no need to apologize directly or through surrogates.

Today i also found this unbelievable story. This is not from the Onion. CNN said it did not mean to cause offense after their commentator said the chinese were "goons" and that their products were "junk." Could you have a stupider apology. How could you possibly say that without meaning to offend. I think it would be fun if everyone would walk up to a casual acquaintance say the most offensive thing they can think of and then say no offense. That would make me laugh.

Solution: if you're sorry about something, say you're sorry. If you're not sorry, don't fake some sort of i'm sorry you got your panties into a bunch about nothing apology. Just come out and say you got your panties into a bunch about nothing so screw off.

Monday, April 14

More government interference

Most people probably haven't been paying much attention to the raid of a polygamist cult in Texas, but the government's actions are totally bogus. The government has raided the facility taken all 416 children, and put them in state custody. Why you ask? Because they have a tape recorded message from a girl claiming to be 16 who says she was being sexually abused and had been forced to marry some 5o year old guy when she was 15. The authorities have said they have not been able to locate the girl who made the call, or the man who was supposed to be abusing her. As far as i can tell this girl may not even exist, this could have been a prank call.

So based on these flimsy charges the governement has seen fit to remove 416 children from their families. The polygamists have invited the governor of texas, the president, and anyone else to come see where/how they were raising there children, and then go see the facilities where the state is keeping them and decide what is a better environment for the children. Of course the politicians can't do this, because they would have to conclude it would be better for the children to be with their families, and that would be political suicide. To send the kids back to polygamist cult.

This is all happening because they practice polygamy. If some mennonite girl, or amish girl had called would they evacuated the enitre community and taken every child into state custody. Because these people are polygamists, the state finds it easy to take them apart and nobody complains. Polygamists can't be good people, they can't give children a loving home. I wouldn't expect republicans to say anything, they are anti anything except for a single man and women marriage for life. They see everything else as evil. But if democrats plan to legitamize the rights of gays to marry and adopt children, then they ought to cry out against the trampling of rights of any family. Republicans and Democrats are all a bunch of do nothing assholes.

Tuesday, April 8

Obesity continued

Item 3: There some governments are now proposing a world wide food organization or monitor and combat obesity, akin to the organizations that are in place, and/or are being propsed to combat global warming. The idea of a multi-national panel is goofy enough, but the truly disturbing part was the way officials were quoted. They said something along the lines, we need to create an organization to monitor what we feed our people. As if i'm some piece of livestock and it's the governments job to feed me and nourish me before they take me off for the slaughter. HELLO! It's my job to feed me. I don't need anyone else feeding me, except possibly a hot woman. This is just one more step in the idea that everything is the government's job, and wouldn't we all be better off if the government did everything.

I have long claimed the real difference between conservatives and liberals is that liberals like the zoo and conservatives like the wild. Liberals want everyone to play nice in their little cages. Everyone will have enough food, and a place to sleep, but you have to obey all the zoo rules, be happy locked in your cage. Whereas conservatives say we're in the wild and some of us are going to be eaten, and that sucks for them, but for those who don't get eaten they have the freedom to live to the fullest. Now government are literally talking about what to feed us. I hope i'm not that only one who finds this thought disconcerting.