Saturday, April 15


so how did everyone's marguciai come out this year? Mine, as ussual, came out not deliciously. This year i made mine saturday night, after everyone had gone to bed from a hard night of card playing and drinking. I was not exactly dissapointed, i liked both my designs, which i came up with as i was making them, but as ussual was unable to execute them. I don't have steady hands, especially it turns out at 2 in the morning after i've been drinking since 6, but my biggest problem is that the dye comes off in my hands, and so some places end up either white or very light, does anyone else have that problem? it's totally sucky. Although i didn't haver the problem i had last year of the wax coming off in my hands, or at least not as much, that's way worse.


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lokio eggs were of such dratstically differenct styles and quality olevels that i was certain one was his and one was liepa's. they were both his though and the one i figered was liepa's was perfectly good!

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