Tuesday, December 27

The man who knew too little

Hey does anyone out in blog land know lithuanian darius from neringa email address, or phone number, cause i'm trying to meet up with him while sirvydas and monty are in LT

Friday, December 9

Winter Neringa


Dec 28-Jan 1
Camp Neringa, Malboro, VT

Plenty of things planned like snowboarding and partying. If you want to have a good time come up it's tons of fun. For anymore info contact me at vkrukonis21@yahoo.com . You could also contact Gintas but he's out doing Allah knows what and I haven't heard from him for a long time. If you go, you'll be seeing a lot of this:

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I'll see you there.

Monday, December 5

yo chumps and chumpettes

So is anyone still reading this blog? Othere than vytenis who posted today? It's only been 2 months inbetween posts, that's not too long is it? I've been pretty busy lately, which is why i haven't posted in so long, so the question is, is it worth it for me to start posting again, or is nobody reading any more anyway?

For all you hockey fans out there