Monday, August 8

What's a partisanas

So it looks like nobody else is going to post anything, cause they are goofballs. So i'll put up another post which might appeal to the teachers out there.

So i'm teaching this pamoka about partisanai. With the older kids me and vytenis did 2 pamokas, first one about partisanai, and then they broke up into teams and went out and played bombardment in the woods for a pamoka, trying to reinact when the partisanai took the radio tower in kaunas, so pasaku namelis was the radio tower and the partisanai tried to free it, while the sovietai tried to kill the partisanai. So for some reason i had to do a pamoka with 7tas by myself. So with them it's just 1 pamoka, half and half, because they don't have the attention span for more. So i start talking about partisanai, both in english and lithaunian because many of them don't understand lithuanian that well. Go through the very basics because most of them don't know anything. Then start talking about an underground press, and they start getting really excited about it, and when i say we are going to reinact the taking of kaunas many of them say they want to be workers for the underground press. So i explain half of them will be partisanai and half will be rusia.

And one of the girls raises up her hand and says. "What's a partisanas?"

what? we just talked about the partisanai for 20 minutes. what do you say to that. there may have been kids in other nameliai that didn't really pay attention, but they didn't ask questions at the end either. It was as if she was paying attention, and was interested, but somehow missed the whole point of everything we were talking about.

They didn't enjoy the game either, several of them started crying for various reasons. I think the least fun pamoka i've had at neringa in 4 years. especially odd because all the other nameliai that we did it with loved it.

Side note, when we did it with the older kids, me and vytenis played too, and as recall when he was a partisanas, and i was a rusas, he was trying to run into pasaku to free it, and i nailed him right in the head.

Thursday, August 4

look and look as long as you please, where i hide nobody sees.

Stories huh? like for example durring the vadovu ieskinis, when all the vadovai have to hide around neringa, and the kids have to find them. Despite my nickname of trashcan, it was vytenis and kristina who planned out the idea to hide in trashcans and or bags. I think they may have given up on that idea because they are wimps. Meanwhile i successfully hid in the sink in the guys laundry room. How did i fit in that sink you may ask. Well i don't know, but not comfortably that's for sure. I had vytenis cover me in clothes, and then simas turned on the water, to get all the clothes, and me, wet. The result was that although i heard 5-6 people walk in and look around, nobody found me. Also one kid actually stuck his hand into the sink, felt around the wet clothes, and then left. SUCKER. As far as i know i was the only vadovas not found. Huzzah for scrunching yourself into small hot sufficating spaces

Side note, last year i hid underneath pirmas namelis when it was rainy and muddy out, and nobody found me then either. 2 years ago i hid in the drying machine in the girls showers. And somebody actually found me. Someone was walking around look for vadovai and thought I know maybe someone is hiding out in that dryer.

Tuesday, August 2

Check back soon...

The staff at Kaip Suprast have returned and we shall be posting stories and pictures from Neringa and the 5 weeks that we've been away. Check back soon.