Friday, November 4

You know, one day, honest citizens are gonna stand up to you crooked cops! They are? Oh, no! Have they set a date?

Of course the red light camera's a way to raise revenue. Anyway who claims otherwise is blatantly lying to the public. Governments all want more money. Ideally they just come in at night and wreck up the place taking whatever than can grab. But that can tend to be unpopular as can higher taxes. So what to governments do when there's no convenient way to raise money? Issue more tickets, have require more permits and fees, etc. No honest person would ever argue that ticketing cars that go over the white line improves safety, and no reasonable person would ever believe it. If this was really about safety there's an easy way they could prove it, donate all the revenue to charity. But of course they would never do that. (also even if they did donate the money to charity it wouldn't justify their action it would only prove that they are actually stupid enough to believe what they claim about safety.)