Wednesday, April 4

How could you? Of all the terrible things you've ever done in your life, this is the worst, the most despicable!

But Marge, I swear to you, I never thought you'd find out!

So NBC alters the tape of the 911 call between George Zimmerman to make him look like a racist. There's no other way to look at it, with something as serious as this case and with the importance of race nobody could cut the tape like that by accident. So after NBC gets caught having tried to deceive the public into thinking Zimmerman is a racist they vow and internal investigation and it turns out their investigation revealed, they never thought you'd find out. They thought nobody would bother to point out the race was only important to the 911 dispatcher so they could identify the suspect and not to Zimmerman. Any apology to Zimmerman? No. Anyone fired for this gross violation of journalistic ethics? No. Any consequences for anyone? No.


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