Monday, May 7

Who is this puffed up aerobics instructor, anyway?

Finally, I can post. Fuck google accounts.

Anyway, I guess I'll be talking to Lokys and Gint since I don't believe anyone checks back here anymore. I've been basically doing nothing but school and partying. From June 7th- July 7th, I will be in Gothenburg, London, Paris, Amsterdam, and finally Lietuva. Then I think I'm doing Neringa then coming down here in August cuz I will have a house. Therefore, YOU ARE ALL INVITED SO PLEASE COME VISIT. It's gorgeous down here, it'll be a fun time.

I'm taking a computer arts class and I'm really enjoying it. We just finished photoshop and illustrator, now we're about to do some web stuff. I might post some of my work, ask if you're interested.

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, and I definately celebrated it. FYI, it's NOT Mexican Independence day, that is in September. I believe this picture sums most of it up:

Sunday, May 6

Fatty fatty fat fat

So i got a cinnamon roll today and i could be wrong, but i'm pretty
sure it was fattier than fat. You know how you can supersaturate a
solution by heating it, well they must have figured out a way to supersaturate this pastry with fat. It looked like an ordinary non-descript pastry, but when i bit into it, i felt like i was biting into a large piece of ham fat deep-fried in bacon fat. It was the fattiest thing i've ever tasted, and i once ate a big heaping bowl of fat.

Saturday, May 5

Bacon, the most delicious fruit

Yeah, so what the fuck. I went to the dorm cafetiria today, and they had BLTs as a special along with their normal food including double cheeseburgers. But they had no lettuce, or tomatoe, or bacon for their hamburgers, and it it against cafeteria policy to gice bacon to random people. You have to specifically want a BLT to get the bacon. So of course i ordered a double cheeseburger, and then i ordere a BLT, and just threw away the partst i didn't want (bread). This is a classic example of not thinking through the consequences of your actions. THe school thinks they'll save moeny but not giving bacon to everyon who wants it, but instead they have to give bacon, and all the side items to people who will just throw it away. next time think through what your policies mean instead of just coming up with randrom ideas about food dispersal. ( i know nobody will think throuhg it, but is really that hard to predent you have a brain. Nobody even wants you to pretend you have a heart, or courage. A brain would be enough.

Wednesday, May 2