Wednesday, September 23

You keep using that word, i'm not sure it means what you think it means.

So, energy secretary Steven Chu, thinks americans all act like teenagers with our energy consumption. No obey our parents al gore and barak obama. We are such badasses that they are going to take it upon themselves to teach the nations children about the terrors of global warming presumably hoping that those children will teach their parents, the nations "teenagers." Where have i heard this before, oh yeah that's right all those people who use energy out the butt, al gore, the prince charles,etc. All people who probably use 1000 times the energy of an average american, which is at least 10,000 times the amount of an average person. They don't even try, taking private jets and limosines everywhere. That's okay for them though because that have millions of dollars with which to buy some sort of theoretical carbon reduction. So what would be really great by them is to set up a new class society one in which the rich and wealthy are allowed access to electronics cars and planes, but the rest of world toils back in the middle ages. Of course nothing new in any of these articles, just more the same. The prince thinks people should walk everywhere we go. I'd like to see him walk to the next conference he goes to.