Wednesday, June 28


I interupt our regularly scheduled neringa programming to bring you, day at the office.

I won't actually cover things that occured at the office, cause those are boring, besides which it has come to my attention that certain people who work at that office also find occasion to read this blog. ehem james ehem. So i'll have to choose my words carefully.

anyway my dad had to take the mini-van to capecod today with my cousin and his family from lietuva, they've been visiting all week, and he didn't want to go through the effort of helping me learn to use a stick shift. This meant there was no car available for me to take to the office, so tete drove me half way or so to a co-workers house who drove me the rest of way, and then drove me home afterwork.

That was all fine, he seemed like a fairly interesting guy and we converesed at length about several topics finally setteling on politics for most of the 1.5 hour car ride home. That's the best part of work, sitting in traffic and driving an hour and a half home, i think if i had to do that on a daily basis, like my dad, i would kill myself. Or better yet invent some sort of flying device it and use it to fly to work like a bird. I would call it an aeroplane.

Upon arriving at my friendly driveway, i was looking to see if the car was back, to determine whether or not my dad was home, and i noticed some sort of funkadelic car in the driveway. I was thinking, what's the deal, some of sirvydas' gooftastic friends don't realize he's not here? and then i realized one of the people standing next to the car was not one of sirvydas' gooftastic friends at all, but rather gaja.

It was at that point that i realized that in fact we had gotten into a car accident on the way home. I was now in some hospital, either unconscious or else in a coma. Possibly even dead, although if so it was not clear yet if i was in heaven, hell, or possibly purgatory. Next alexandra popped out. Shortly thereafter gint, inga, vytenis and sirvydas all made their appearance. It was their claim that the stovykla at neringa had ended and they were free for 3 days until the next one, and therefore were all going to philly. This of course proved my theory correct. There is no way that anything but the demented mind of a person recently in a car crash could have created such a schedule for neringa, so clearly i am lying in some hospital bed.

Tuesday, June 27

question the first

So to answer everyones question, no i am not going to put up the bulletin board/sarasas/whatever you want to call it. I do not have a copy of it in my possesion, so that will have to wait until then end of lietuviu when me and or vytenis, and or gintas, if he's done, bring a copy of it back.

on to new business-what if anything worthwhile happened at studentu. we had a mock trial, but the proceedings of that trial are hazy, like the moores of scotland. The first not we were supposed to watch a movie, no dice, the god of technology was mad at us for letting the nun in, and punished us by not allowing our equipment to work, so we started in on the mock trials. I had to defend the idea that the russians deporting lithuanians to siberia, along with other similiar acts, were not commiting genocide. A daunting task, but luckily we had a great team! Well, actually, the last half is a real garbage dump. Anyway simas kristina jonas aistis and i hunker down in the basement to try to do a little research. Why the the basement you ask, instead of the library which is full of books. It turns out there a surprisingly few books in neringa's library that support the position that the russians did not commit genocide against the lithuanians. Also it was a few degrees colder down there, and for some reason you can't set the ovens in neringa to hot. So long story short, despite long research sessions by me and kristina, and a well thought out and argued debate we lost. 2 things to point out though, there is no way any of the other teams would have won that debate, and on a slightly more humorous note, the idea behind the mock trials was to come into it with a clean slate, unbiased. Because the other members of the stovykla were the jury. This was however beyond the capabilities of the nun. In fact at the first trials, are partisanai war criminials, she burst out, i don't see why they need to defend themselves. Equally unbiased at the first debate was aistcio and kovo mom's sister, reda, who continually tried to force the petitioners (russians) to defend themselves against crimes with which they were not charged, and went as far as to assume they were guilty, and wanted them to come up with proof that they were not. Happily she was not their for our debate, but in here place came three lietuviai fresh from lietuva. well they also had trouble being unbiased.

All in all it was a fun experience, and i did learn some new things through the research so huzzah for the mock trials.

more after i dig myself out of this avalanche

Monday, June 26

First thoughts of studentu

this will not be a very long post cause i've got stuff to do, plus me tired. But i figured i should write something to start with. First off i will not post any pictures cause i don't know how, so everyone will have to wait for gint or vytenis to do that.

I walk up to studentu and nobody seems to be around, i walk into the sale see everyone sitting around in a circle, and all the sudden everyone's eyes pop off and start roling around on the ground. I step back out hoping everything will normalize, but it doesn't. Apperently dispite the fact that i told vida that i was coming, so everyone thought i was still in lietuva, not coming to studentu. so that was cool, i guess it was a nice surprise for everyone else.

The nice surprise for me was the multitude oh hot girls. Last summer there were only 3 girls at studentu, so that was cool. 3 new girls, or at least i hadn't seen them before, so they were new to me. not exactly sure what lies and chicaneries were used to accomplish this, but i say use them again. from one year we went from 3 to 8 so by next year we should go from 8 to 21 and 1/3, but it wouldn't be pleasant to have 1/3 of a girl of we'll round it up to 22.

Also on a semi ironic basis while i was an exchange student in LT, there was a lithuanian who was staying with gintas as an exchange student in US. He came to neringa, so that was a little funny. Other than that the guys were as someone else put it, the ussual suspects.

More to come.