Saturday, April 25

It's hard to talk while you're teabagging

There's been a lot said about the recent "tea parties" in the united states, including the title of this article, that gem came from anderson cooper. Although as it turns out, there was much more from some other commentators Janeane Garofalo decided to take the opportunity to explain to the only people who could possibly not be in love with Obama are racists who are also mentally defective. By some remarkable coincidence they were able to come up with the name tea party, because due to their mental ineptituted, non of them even know what the boston tea party is, they could just as well have named these events lemonade parties, just good luck i guess. Meanwhile a democratic congresswoman felt the events were shameful and despicable. I guess she believes it is wrong for a people to complain about the lot the government decides to give them. Her claims that nobody is going to be taxed at a higher rate this year are incorrect at best seeing as how the tobacco tax has already been hiked more than 100%. Beyond that, these rally's are not about the tax rate, but the spending spree the government is going on. They are concerned about the future taxes that will be required to pay for the cash the governemnt is burning through now. So finally what does the big man himself have to say about it? As it turns out, he doesn't know anything about it. I don't remember exactly, but i think in the area of 500,000 people attended these rallies. If bush had claimed no knowledge of protests this big, he would have been crucified in the press, but Obama is so above the rest of humanity that nobody minds that he doesn't see fit to concern himself with the rest of us.

Monday, April 6

The Death of Humanity

I don't know how these guys can be so cavalier about bringing about the destruction of the human race at the hands of a race of machines. It's like they've never seen terminator at all. Come on guys get a tv. There's also terminator 2 and terminator 3 and the sarah connor chronicles, plus they are already putting up commercials for terminator salvation. And yet you are going about creating skynet. Or the matrix equivalent of skynet, whatever that is.