Sunday, November 26

Leaves, Leaves, go away, come back... preferably never.

Ok, so what's the deal leaves? Do you really have to fall? I mean, is it too hard to stay attached to your friend, the branch? What did we ever do to you, besides the occasional skautai using your friends as necessary fire starters, that you decided you had to fall and ruin my childhood and one hour of my saturday today? You're worst than, and I don't say this enough, Christianity. I hate you leaves... oooo how I hate you...

Saturday, November 25

HAHA......Take that!!!

Take that you insipidious blog... try and ask me or my friends for our passwords ever again and i swear to god I will circumcise you with the pages of an Anne Rice novel... It might have taken two hours of coding to figure out your weakness...but I did....and all I have to say is- HAH. Sorry about the facelift everyone, it was just a byproduct of trying to get rid of the bothersome password screen. So now lets all keep on keeping on...

You should all read "The Area of My Expertise" by John Hodgman its one of the funniest bits of literature that you might ever hold in your hands....unless what youre holding is Lokys' penis which as many people reading this can attest is one of the funniest looking things around-


Friday, November 10

Damn you Prometheus

Fire, man's greatest curse. It was a day like any other day, and then disaster: Liepa called me and said she wanted to have a sambuca party, and i was like okaly i'll come by. We started out with a not so delicious game of candyland, there was something wrong with my iced tea mixture, and then the sambuca. Everything was going fine at first, i put the shot in my mouth, and then i lit it on fire while it was in my mouth. So far no snags. In fact it's going quite well, not hot in my mouth at all. Then i reach to get some cinanamin and as i lean forward small amount of liquid starts to escape from my mouth. I tried to to tilt my head back, but it was too late. Flaming liquid spewed forth and i lit my face on fire.

It wasn't actaully that bad, the only part of my body that i burned was my upper lip. and i burned off some of my beard, but that was okay cause i had to shave for interviews anyway. But still, that was totally sucky and uncalled for. Thanks a lot for giving man fire Prometheus, an action that led directly to me burning myself, and looking like an idiot in front of everyone there. JERK!!!