Tuesday, December 22



Is there anyway that anyone could have read this story and not immediately thought of newman. It's just too perfect. I can;t say that seinfeld is undervalued because it consiently rated among the best sitcoms of all time, but it was so much better than any commedy on the networks now that it doesn't even seem like it could belong to the same category. If seinfeld is ranked A-rod (among the best of all time) no current commedy could possibly break into AA (not even nearly ready for the major leagues, i.e. prime time.) I mean nothing today is qualified to be discussed along side seinfeld. At best we are trying to determine what is the best of the crappy crap on tv now. Some are still watchable (30 rock, the office) but they are pretty repetative (the simpsons, scrubs) well past their prime. I think south park might be the only comedy still worth watching on a regular basis, and maybe worthy of seinfeld like attention, but it's on comedy central. Why can't mainstream networks come up with something worthwhile.

Wednesday, December 9

This gun had a hold on me. I felt this incredible surge of power, like God must feel when he's holding a gun.


Not much to say here, just wondering why he is allowed to get away with this. i watched a clip of him on CNN, i don't know if these are all from CNN or not. When you see bald faced lies, that the entire american public knows are lies, go unquestioned on a news station, it's no wonder you are in dead last. CNN is being destroyed by fox, behind msnbc, and even losing HLN. To be fair the anchor mentioned off head that some of the emails were more recent, but never questioned gore about it, never asked him about the freedom of information requests. These emails were advocating a crime, deleting information after a freedom of information request is a criminal offense, how is that being twisted or distorted? I won't get into the details of climate gate itself, i assume everyone knows all that stuff, and you can think it's serious or not, but going around lying about it just confirms what everyone is saying, which is that global warmists will say anything, and do anything to force their ideas upon the world.

Many people have been claiming that these emails should basically be ignored because they are private emails, they were stolen, that was a criminal act, it's not really any of our business, etc. That is just so inane. That is no more than homer's excuse when marge finds out he didn't get rid of the gun. Marge: How could you? Of all the terrible things you've ever done in your life, this is the worst, the most despicable! Homer: But Marge, I swear to you, I never thought you'd find out!

It doesn't matter what was done because we were never supposed to find out. So we should just go back to pretending we never did find out. If you want to defend yourself, than defend what you wrote, don't attack the people who made your actions public. This is the same thing that ACORN and their supporters are doing, california's district attorney wants to investigate the reporters for taping this, not ACORN for promoting slave trafficking (the only to describe underage girls being taken from their native countries to engage in prostitution.) No, it's not ACORN's fault for slave trafficking, cause that shouldn't have been made public, it's clearly the reporters who need to be investigated. I wonder what these people defending ACORN would say if they found out a corporation like enron had been helping cook the books for people starting up sex slavery rings, i bet they wouldn't be condemning the reporters who broke the story. Or what they would say if they found out about a bunch of board members of a company exchanging emails about refusing freedom of information acts/using tricks to change the books/etc. Some people will go to any lengths to come up with defenses for those on their side of the political spectrum. My philosophy is if you're a shit head, then you're a shit head, and it doesn't matter which side of the spectrum you fall on cause there are plenty of shit heads on both.