Friday, October 14

My campaign is a disaster, Moe. I hate the public so much! If only they'd elect me. I'd make 'em pay! Aw, Moe, how do I make 'em like me?

Not quite as funny as some of his other things, but still worth a laugh.

Wednesday, October 12

Let the bears pay the bear tax, i pay the homer tax.

Credit where credit is due. Hoyer is right, voters are to blame for the fact the congress is doing nothing. Of course by that same logic voters are to be credited for the fact that congress is doing nothing. During the clinton years/going all the way back to the Reagan years we had mostly a split between the congress and the president. During most of the bush terms and Obama's terms the same party held the presidency and both houses of congress. So let's see what works better a government that does whatever it wants like bush/obama, or a government that does only the essentials because of a seperation of power like clinton/reagan. As a libertarian i would already believe that i would almost always prefer the government/congress did nothing rather than anything because almost anything they would every do would be bad. But just looking at history i don't know how anyone could justify unified power/the ability of government to do whatever voters elected them to do as having a beneficial effect on the the government or society. The best thing the government can do is nothing (assuming they don't have the will power to reduce their previous actions to make the net action less than nothing, which would be very rare for the government.)