Tuesday, April 10


Stirbys, V Krukonis, and Trashcan: or should I say Riker, Picard and Data?

At long last...

So I wonder if anyone checks this blog anymore, I do once in a while but thats just to check whether Lokys or V have posted anything... Im partly to blame for this blog going stagnant, not that I posted much to begin with.

I wanted to write about the dream I had last night, the details of which I am already beggining to forget. In my dream last night- I, [my dream self] was asleep and dreaming, something ominous, a lone house in a large open field, I was working outside in the yard, it was April 16th(in the dream within a dream). Now this is where its getting fuzzy, but a darkness sweeps over the field in which Im working and I die. I wake up at home and go into the kitchen(keep in mind that the dream within a dream is over and now its just a dream), everyone is there, my parents, Rasa, Gaja, and four other people, friends of mine, but I can't remember who they were. The four friends of mine seem anxious, worried- they had the same dream that I did about me working outside on April 16th, a looming shadow and me dying- and they came to warn me. My father walks up, seemingly oblivious, and asks if I can do some work outside for him- I run over to the calendar and check the date- April 16th.

So thats it, after checking the calendar I woke up(in the waking world) and was too tired from the frantic dream to do anything besides getting a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette
Just thought I would share this with you and maybe get the ball rolling again for "Kaip Suprast."

Though while im here, I want to impart a joke that I heard the other day:

A pengiun is driving through the desert when he sees the sign for an ice-cream parlor/ gas station 5 miles ahead and decides to stop. Suddenly, a mile from the gas station his car breaks down and he is forced to push it the remaining distance. Luckily a mechanic is working at the gas station that day and agrees to take a look at the car. "while im checking to see whats wrong, why dont you head over to the ice cream parlor to wait" says the mechaninc. So the penguin heads over next door and once there decides to get a huge cone with a triple scoop of vanilla ice cream. Keep in mind that penguins have no hands, and only flipper-like wings so he has some trouble eating the delicious ice cream, he gets it all over his chest, his beak, his face and his flippers. With only a few bites left the man behind the counter at the ice cream parlor tells the penguin that the mechaninc is probably done and the he should head over to get his car back. In his haste to get back on his way, the penguin neglects to wipe off any of the ice cream. When he gets back to the garage, the mechanic rolls out from under the car and sees the penguin standing there. The mechanic says "well, it looks like you just blew a seal." The penguin replies, "naw, I just had some vanilla ice cream."