Thursday, June 21

Do you kids wanna be like the real U.N., or do you just wanna squabble and waste time?

I think a very small segment of people took the UN seriously before, but after this that number should dwindle to zero. Robert Mugabe is no better than hitler or stalin. If he killed fewer people it's only because he never had the chance to kill more. And now the UN asks him to be a tourism ambassador? No worse than having north korea as the leader of the committee against human rights violations i suppose, but just more proof that the UN is just political mumbo jumbo without real morals or purpose.

Hello? Mrs. Pommelhorst? I'd like to get down now!

So there's an update to a previous ridiculous story. So after acting so obviously inappropriately in her classroom, instead of being fired this teacher will be receiving additional training. Classic example of what's wrong with government employment. If someone in the public sector had done something so against their job description they would be fired immediately. The biggest problem isn't even that she wasn't fired, but that now tax payers will be paying even more money for her training. If she is competent enough to keep her job, then she should be smart enough to learn her lesson without needing to go to all this training. The only point of the train is to provide political cover for her keeping her job when it's clear she shouldn't.