Sunday, April 9

Human Interaction

So i was sitting on the microbus last night, when the following sequence of events happened. It will be easier to understand if i first explain the set up of a micro, it goes 2 seats together, then isle, then 1 more seat. Until the very back row where there are 4 together. So first 2 women get on, who clearly know each other, but they don't sit together, instead they sit across the isle from one another. Then a woman comes in by herself, there are no more single seats, so she sits by herself where there are 2 available seats. at this point all the single seats are taken, and there is at least 1 person in all the places with 2 seats, leaving only the very back open. Then a mother and girl get in. The girl goes all the way to the back, waiting for the mother to pay. At this point the 2 girls who know each other decided to sit together, thinking, i assume, that someone else might have to sit next to the girl sitting by the 2 seats. Then the woman who came in by herself quickly moves to the vacated seat, so that she won't have to risk any human interaction on the micro. The little girl then goes to the vacated double, so she and her mom can sit there without the possibility of someone else sitting next to them.

It all reminded me of Isaac Asimov's story about a planet with only a few hundred inhabitants. They use artificial reproduction, so nobody has to ever interact with anybody else.


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