Tuesday, October 30

Cucumber cocktail?

Despite the title of this post, this post is not only about homosexual innuendo, that's only in Kovas' honor, as i'm sure he would make a joke about it. As my dad and i were driving to Jersey for the funeral, we stopped at the liquor store, i had to pick up some some soco, and some vodka. So as i was making my purchase there was some guy offering free samples of some brand of gin plus tonic. THe interesting thing about this was that he had the gin and tonic soaking in cucumbers. Or rather cucumbers soaking in the gin and tonic. He said it was an old English recipe, but i had never heard of it. So i tried it, and it was surprisingly good. YOu could def. taste the cucumber. If you don't like cucumber, then it's not for you, but it had a mild refreshing taste. I believe the guys said it was 2 parts tonic to 1 part gin. He didn't specify what the soaking technique was, whether the gin is combined with cucmber and let sit over night, or you only put the cucmber in with the tonic, but somehow you let it sit long enough to be strongly enfused with cucumber, and still have fizz in the tonic. Anyway, i'm going to give it a try sometime soon, and i reccommend any readers in kaipsuprast land do too.

Saturday, October 27

What's the over/under for participatns at studentu?

I've been think about gambling a lot recently. I've never taken to betting on sports, and i've realized recently what a waste that is. Specifically in reference to the patriots. coming into the year, i was confident that randy moss would make the patriots significantly better, and as a result they have covered the spread every week so far this year. if anyone had the brains/confidence to bet on them and let their bet ride, that's a lot of money. you would double up 7 straight times. That comes out to 128 times your original bet. Now you don't actually get a full double, cause you have to pay the sports book, but it's simpler to just round to double. So if that first bet was so a reasonably small $200 bucks, now that would be worth $25,000. I don't know if you can also cross bet on other things say the patriots cover the spread, they are also over, and or betting on individual players, like that tome brady will throw at least 3 touchdown passes. If you could that would increase the percentages significantly. If could say get 5 to 1 on odds on the patriots cover the spread, the over, and brady throwing 3 touchdown passes, then after 7 weeks instead of $25,000 that 200 is worth ove 15,000,000. Man, does anyone have a time machine, cause that would be awesome.

Friday, October 19

If you can't stand the heat, air condition your kitchen. Redux

Has anyone else ever started a fire that cause fireman to come to the scene, cause i have. A few weeks we were having another normal brush fire. We burned all day, and left the fire burning overnight. The next day, it was still burning, so we burned all day again. We were burning a bunch of ceder branches from a series of ceder trees that fell over. So we could just cut the branches off and throw them right onto the flames. We leave the fire to burn down for the night. Several hours later i walk out to go check on the fire, and i see flashlights all over. I look out towards the road, and the fire department has arrived. We walk to the fire, it's just a bunch of embers. They told us that a backyard fire is okay if it's dug out, and your cooking something. So basically they told us that next time we should put a marshmallow out and it would be fine, but for now we need to put it out. So after countless fires at the durham residence, and 2 straight days of burning brush, the fire department comes out to help us put out some embers. What a great use of everyone's time. Now we've got a bunch of half burned embers in a big pile. Awesome.

Thursday, October 18


I'm not really a big coupon guy, but we got some Bob's coupons in the mail. They were $10 off any purchase over $10. Well i didn't really believe that could be true but i figured might as well try. I'll go get 10 bucks worth of socks or underwear. I decided to go for their wife beaters 3 for 12 bucks. When i went to pay, i handed over the coupon and with no trouble or fuss, they scanned it an charged my 2 bucks. We got three of these coupons, one for October, one for November, and one for December. So that's awesome. They are basically giving me 30 bucks for free. i guess i have to go back and get some more wife beaters, unless i decide on the underwear instead.

Friday, October 12

Ridddle me this

His voice was higher than normal, and what makes your voice high?


so i'm totally backlogged on my blogging. As a result of this i will be blogging things that have happened in the past from several days to several months until i catch up a little. I hope it's like when you take a dump after being super backlogged. Especially for a bear when he comes out of hibernation. I found out this past weekend that before going into hybernation a bear will plug it's anus, so it's super backlogged come spring. I don't think i'm that backlogged, but if while i'm blogging something happens to come out from last spring, be forewarned.