Saturday, June 13

what... the fuck?

For anyone who has seen the film sideways, you will recall the scene i am referring to, for anyone else, sucks to be you. But, what... the fuck. I'm not sure if i could be more outraged if i tried (and i've tried to be outraged over a crapload of stupid shit) but now facebook won't let me find any of my friends, instead it refers me to some (almost certainly retarded) shittastic creamsicle page. so first of this page is retarded, and i would rather shit my pants in public than acces it, second if i wanted to do a general serach i would have gone ot a search page, not facebook I Imagine that facebook will try to issue some sort of apology, but am i certain ahead of time that it is not enough, and further more fuck you. If i wanted intermittent access to my frineds i would just use my phone instead of facebook you fuck monkey. You only have one purpose and you just blew out your ass royally with virtually no chance for recovery, so enjoy your fucktitude.

Thursday, June 11

hey! news flash! children aren't adults!

This is part something, in my (apparently) never ending series children are children. There seems to be a common mantra in the united states today that children should be adults, and if they don't act like adults they must be immediately and harshly punished for it.

This is something that never made sense to me, and in some sense can be crystallized in a camper i had at neringa some years ago. He was in the youngest cabin of boys but for some reason had a "girlfriend" in the youngest group of girls (both 10-11 i think) anyway on one occasion they were talking and for no reason in particular he poked her in nippular region. She took mild offense, he didn't realize that anything amiss had gone on. She of course had no developed yet, and he probably didn't even understand what a boob was yet, but if their parents had been aware, there would have been lawsuit after lawsuit. The fact of the matter was they were just kids being kids. Nobody had any sister motives, nobody was hurt, and nobody will even remember it (unless some parents enforce upon their kids how horrifyingly memorable it was.)

This has been repeatedly displayed in our current society, anything kids do that wouldn't be acceptable in a corporate society is obviously not acceptable and harshly punishable in a school society. These kids, climbed a school wall and camped out for a night, with no damage to any building or person. Harmless prank you say? there is where you would be wrong. For all the legal system can tell these students were trying to sell nuclear secrets to the iranians. Nobody was hurt and nothing was damaged in this senior prank. harmless you say? you couldn't possibly be more wrong (apparently.) the school district has not only requested legal discipline, but is also considering it's own punishment if the legal discipline doesn't go far enough. Why the punishment? because it's not very safe. So for attempting something (whether it was a political/social statement or otherwise) that was not very safe these kids must be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and even further if that is not enough. how dare someone do something that isn't very safe. who are these animals that would try something that isn't 100% rational, it's unheard of. Would you be allowed to do this if you were working for IBM, probably not, so obviously it must be evil and stamped out among all students, or anyone whose not a robot.

(by the way here's guessing if they were feminists or minority students or religiously motivated they would not only not be punished, but celebrated for this act of civil disobedience.),0,5686671.story

Tuesday, June 9

the right to choose
Of course this is bound to happen, once you decide that abortions are legal, it's impossible to try and say either legally or morally that abortions in general are okay, but abortions cause we don't like girls are wrong (or any other baby characteristic). Either the fetus has the rights, or the mother does, and if it's the mother then it doesn't matter why she decides what to do, it's her right. So congratulations to all the feminists out there who insisted that women should have the right to choose, because you just created the right to destroy the female population, (and after that, the rest of us too.) I don't know of any society in the world where people in general prefer girls, (let me know if you do) but i'm sure the chinese (and possibly most asians) would be happy to abort girls, i think the muslims certainly prefer boys, and even in most western societies, i think the tendency would be to abort girls in favor of boys.

As an interesting side note, it is for this reason that gays have been actively trying to block research into a gay gene. You would think at first glance they would be all in favor, prove that gayness is genetic, and therefore not any more a choice than height/skin color/dyslexia, but they are concerned that if a gay gene is isolated, parents will test for it, and abort children who have it. (side note gayness or not cannot be 100% genetic because there identical twins who have different sexual preferences.)