Wednesday, May 31

This is the end, my only friend, the end

So tomorrow is my last exam, and then i am officially done with my year abroad. I will still be in LT for 2 more weeks at least, and given my current inability to find any employment in the states, possibly much longer. If nothing at all shows up in the states, i might end up working for Aidas at delta, or something such thing. Given my current lack of resources working for 1/20 of a pittance in LT is not my first choice for the summer, but at least then i get to spend the summer here after suffering through that crummy winter. June first and still walking around with a coat during the day, oh not wait, someone stole my coat so i don't have one anymore. Walking around with a wife beater, t-shirt, long sleave shirt, and hoodie, and still a little cold in the middle of the day.

Thursday, May 25


So what's new in the world, i have been through a series of adventures since i last posted, many of which i intended to document on this blog, but somehow i just never got around to it. Anybody else want to sound off by making a comment on a totally unrelated topic should totally go for it.

In the meantime most of my current energy is focused into how to get a job this summer, while still spending as many weeks at neringa as possible, and also seeing if there is anyway for me to make it to sirvydas' graduation. The only realistic hope for doing all those things is to work at neringa for the whole summer, which is perfect in every sense except that it doesn't look very delicious on my resume. Of course vida seems to feel it's not her responcibility as the director of neringa to tell anyone who applied for a job if they got it or not. Maybe she thinks god will send everyone notices, i don't know.

I don't have a very accurate gauge on who reads this blog, but if anyone reading this blog can confirm if they will or will not be at neringa for either studentu or regular neringa, i would be interested in knowing.

Thursday, May 18

Banlieue 13

Has anyone seen this movie? It's a French movie by Luc Besson (The Professional). The Martial Arts is superb and I recommend you guys to see it.

Anyway, for all you bored folks, check this out: