Sunday, May 15

Matchups of the Century!!!

The outcomes of these fights to the death have already been decided, and soon enough we'll have a poll up for each fight so you'll be able to "weigh-in" so to speak....they are as follows:

Maciunas Vs. Penikas
Norbie Vs. Bennet
Dirbtuve Vs. Meno Namelis
Pavilijonas Vs. Valgykla
Virtuve Vs. Siuklsiu namelis
Koplycia Vs. Berzu Sventove
Tryliktas Vs. Pasaku Namelis
Prudas Vs. Kliuciu Takas
Krepsinio Aikste Vs. Tinklinio Aikste
Biblioteka Vs. Rusys
Simas Zmuidzinas Vs. Jonas Kunca
Aliukas Wolosenko Vs. Simas Philips
Otto Vs. Time(Just kidding- Otto can, has not, and will never die)
Naktipieciai Vs. Ledai
Ginty Adomkaitis Vs. Alvy Knasas
Darius(from Lietuva) Vs. Alvydas(from Lietuva)
Vyru Dusai Vs. Mergaiciu Dusai
Lokys Vs. Liepa( Lokys and Liepa join forces and merge into one being named Liekys or maybe Lopkys and go on to fight and devour Maciunas)
Ligonine Vs. Sale
Spiral Vs. Uogavimas
MOnty Vs. Algytis
Tadas Vs. Mantas
Zip-Line Vs. Supynes
Vytenis Vs. Kuras

Ones that are impossible to match-up because of their unimagineable stregth include P. Aldona, and wait an amazing fight would be Veliavu Vs. the skambutis-which means that Aldona is the only fighter that remains unmatched.....wait...wait holyshit....theres one more....


P. Aldona Vs. Lauzaviete



Blogger Trashcan said...

First off, kudos on creating a pretty good battle schedule. Many of the battle's make perfect sense, like maciunas vs. penikas, or the pavilijonas vs. the valgykla. Even the zip-line vs. supynes, which at first glance seems like a land slide in favor of the zip line is actually fairly balanced when you consider all the jokes that sprung from supynes.

Further more, it does make sense that liepa and i would unite, to destroy our common enemy, but it does not make sense that it would be maciunas. We went to sestadinenio mokykla with him. Why would we want to devour him?

Further more, it doesn't make sense to have aldona against the lauzaviete. There are at least 3 places where we have lauzai, so with the power of lauzai so dispersed, it's a nonsensical matchup. Obviously aldona should be matched against the skambutis, and velivu should be against the lauzaviete. Clearly aldona, and the skambutis are the most integral parts of neringa as we know it. what would happen to neringa without one of the 2 of them? chaos.but neringa could certainly survive without the lauzaviete or velivu.

Also, how come gintas doesn't have to fight anybody? that hardly seems fair. therefore i recommend pitting gintas against the bears that have been frequenting neringa. (not me).

Other battles that should clearly take place. the rocks of one obels against the rocks at the other.
futbolas vs ultimate frisbee
lina kazikaityte vs loreta kazikaityte (i feel like it is much more likely that they would do battle than that me and liepa would do battle. Plus you don't have any girls doing battle)
phelps vs. sound of music
big jack clearly has to go against someone, but i'm not sure who. Maybe that's who me and liepa combined should destroy. or maybe big jack vs. sportu diena. That would be an interesting matchup

on a side note, i tried to send you some pictures did it work?

12:48 AM  
Blogger stirbys said...

Loky...your intellect as always is unrivaled...and no...the pictures did not work

11:11 AM  
Blogger Aras said...

i read this blog when i'm too tired to think but it's too early to leave work. loky, it seems like you read this blog when you run out of homework but don't feel like stopping to think. i can't even read what you wrote, cause if i had the energy to understand it i'd have to spend it on real work!

9:30 AM  

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