Tuesday, May 3


I know that including this Ive just made four posts in less than an hour but hear me out.

First, does anyone know who's going to be vadovai at neringa this year?

Second, I want to start putting Neringa pics online, doesnt matter what year they're from. I just dont want to post them here, so I want you(everyone) to start sending me neringa pics and I'll open an account at picturetrail.com or some other site and we'll be able to dump them all there. With a few pics from everyone we should be able to get a substantial amount. And who knows, maybe it'll be awesome???


Kaip suprast?


Blogger Trashcan said...

First no, i don't know who is going to be a vadovas/e this summer, but hopefully me you and vytenis. After that does it really matter. We're totally better than everyone else put together. i sure hope darius and alvydas come back to though, they were hilarious. remember when alvydas found out i don't smoke "baisu". Last time i talked to them, monty was not planning on coming, sirvydas and liepa both were planning on coming, daina is working in lietuva this summer, so probably not her. that's all i know.

as far as neringa picture i do indeed have more pictures than you could possibly count, plus pictures from svente which i feel should be counted as well. I'll try to narrow it down to the best of the best, and send you some 20 or so, but it will probably end up being more, cause i won't be able to restrain myself.

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