Monday, May 16

The Uncanny X-Lietuviai

"I wonder what X-(Wo)man I'd be?"

It's obvious that you've all thought about that question, and realized that there were too many to choose from. Would you base your choice on powers? Looks? Attitude? Well, the official list has been compiled. You are as follows:

Tomas Kuras = Cyclops
Aistis Juska = Colossus
Simas Aronas = Toad
Gintas Stirbys = Wolverine
Aliukas Wolosenko = Gambit
Norby = Magneto
Mantas = Quicksilver
Bennet = Forge
Jonas Maciunas = Beast
Lokys Gust = Mr. Sinister
Kristina Lingertaityte = Jubilee
Vytenis Krukonis = Iceman
Laimis de Sa Pereira = Puck
Simas Phillips = Sabertooth
Gintas Adomkaitis = Juggernaut
Darius from Lietuva = Nightcrawler
Alvydas from Lietuva = Omega Red
Dainius Sileika = Professor Xavier
Sirvydas Vebra = Morph
Alvydas Knasas = Archangel
Liepa Gust = Lady Deathstrike
Vaida Simonaviciute = Mystique
Vida Ziaugraite = Callisto
Daina Maciunaite = Storm
Kovas Juska = Bishop
Hampton = Sauron
Dainora = Jean-Grey
Dilba = Thor
Grazina Snipaite = Dazzler
Saulius Kliorys = Silver Samurai
Loreta = Scarlet Witch
Mantvydas = Havok
Inga Moss = Shadowcat
Perkunas Krukonis = Mastermind
Gaya Stirbyte = Darkchilde
Aldona = Apocolypse

If anyone can think of more (which we doubt), post a reply, and if it's good enough it will be added to the list and you will be awesome.


Blogger Aras said...

about five or six years ago i wanted to be wolvorine so bad i grew the beard and, when i got drunk, i would flex my fists as hard as i could trying to make the blades come out.

9:18 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

So did you ever get the blades to come out or not? That story is good, but it would be even better if when you told it, at the end you finally got the blades to come out. Also for halloween, when i was homer simpsons, liepa's roomate's boyfriend dressed up as wolverine. He looked very much like wolverine.

7:33 PM  
Blogger darius said...

arai, remember that time you were able to get the blades to come out of your fists? that was sick. we were no match boxing you that night.

11:08 AM  
Blogger stirbys said...

yeah...that had to hurt

3:35 PM  
Blogger Vida said...

what in the heeellll i jsut looked up my last night and this is what came up.. im a super fighter. neat. hahaha this is friggin hilarious

1:39 AM  

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