Tuesday, May 3

Marge, I agree with you -- in theory. In theory, communism works. In theory.


It is one the gross travesties of justice that communism is not held accountable for its crimes. Nazi are held in vile contempt and the symbol of nazism, the swastika is considered a hate crime if you paint it someplace. But communism is just that thing that didn't work. And the hammer and sickle is actually considered trendy or fashionable among many people. Germany has be forced to apologize and hang it's collective head in shame, but Russia is allowed to stand proud and celebrate it's murderous history. I blame this primarily on the academic left which has steadfastly refused to heap the criticism that communism deserves because they are essentially communists at heart and believe communism was just an unfortunate experiment that didn't quite work out. Also partially on the fact that americans and westerners in general were never directly confronted with the gruesome deaths caused by communist regimes. Those deaths were behind closed doors when they happened, and now are just numbers and statistics. Had the US soldiers marched into the Ukraine and seen the millions of dead from starvation the way they saw the jews in Germany i think condmenation would be much stronger. In any case Communism is responcible for far more deaths and is every bit as gruesome as nazism and i fully support any effort to bring more attention to the human misery it has created.


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Stupid liberals.

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