Monday, March 1

64 slices of american cheese.

As i recall aras really likes blue cheese on his hamburgers/i feel like you mix it into the ground beef. Anyway, i was never a huge fan of the idea, but it was certainly okay as a change of pace, and would do so every once in a while at northwestern some blue cheese, bacon burger. Anyway, wendy's has picked up on the idea. And are now surving a burger that has beef then blue cheese crumbles, then bacon, then sauteed onions. Then the burger goes in my mouth, and if the commercial is to be believed then i need a napkin to clean up the mess i will have made in my pants. In reality, i would much rather make such a thing at home to my own specifications rather than buying one at a fast food place, plus why wouldn't i just get the jbc, but still worth noting that wendy's is trying.


Blogger Aras said...

I haven't done it for a while, but what I like, as I recall, is adding blue cheese to a burger in combination with jalapeno peppers, or other spiciness, to both heat and sooth the taste buds. Mmm...that sounds good, but unfortunately I already have pizza and chili on the menu this weekend, so burgers would probably be over kill.

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