Friday, March 26

"I'm a little busy right now achieving financial independence." "With cans of used grease?" "No, through savings and wise investments. Of course wit

h grease!. I guess i ran over the character limit for titles. How stupid. I've always hated character limits on all this stuff (facebook, blogs, etc.) What the hell, if someone doesn't like me leaving long comments they can just tell me, instead of having blanket character rules. Anyway

They are just a couple of articles discussing the unbelievably high amount of money the government is spending. The first says that the national debt will reach 90% of GDP by 2020, and the second that within 50 years the government will be spending 50% of the entire GDP a year. Nothing surprising here, in fact if anything it's surprising it will take so long given that we unprecedented deficits now, and that those in charge seem not to give them a second thought. I do really wonder what it is that democrats are thinking will happen in the future. Do they really believe that the government will be able to sustain social security and medicare (not to mention this new health bill.) Or do they just think nobody will ever vote any of this stuff out, so we'll just wait and then eventually they'll let us raise taxes. If spending really increases they way the cato institute (libertarian think tank) suggests, there is no level of taxation that could make the system viable. The other question is why are young people allowing this. Don't they realize they are the ones getting the big screw job here. They are going to be paying taxes and paying taxes, and when it's time for them (me) to collect the government will be so unbelievably broke they won't be able to pay any more. Anyone under the age of 40 should be outraged at the government over all this red ink which will mean higher taxes for them while they are working, and lower (if any) benefits for them after they retire. We also found out social security is for the first time in the red this year. Social security is already paying out more in benefits than it is taking out, so cuts/tax increases have to start immediately. No politicians are willing to take anything away from old people because they need the votes. Young people don't vote, and if they do, they all vote democrat anyway, so there's no point in pursuing their votes. The elderly are bleeding the country for everything it's worth and everyone else is paying the price. Thanks a lot both republicans who had control of both houses and the presidency and failed to keep a budget, and the democrats who had 60 votes in the senate plus the house and presidency and seem to delight in how high they can push the deficit. The money seems imaginary now because the numbers are so big they couldn't possibly be real, but they are real and we will all be paying dearly for it.


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duh, taxes. look at sweden. they think obama's conservative. and their tax rate's through the roof. tete pointed out on my blog once that for certain income brackets it exceeded 100%.

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