Friday, October 19

If you can't stand the heat, air condition your kitchen. Redux

Has anyone else ever started a fire that cause fireman to come to the scene, cause i have. A few weeks we were having another normal brush fire. We burned all day, and left the fire burning overnight. The next day, it was still burning, so we burned all day again. We were burning a bunch of ceder branches from a series of ceder trees that fell over. So we could just cut the branches off and throw them right onto the flames. We leave the fire to burn down for the night. Several hours later i walk out to go check on the fire, and i see flashlights all over. I look out towards the road, and the fire department has arrived. We walk to the fire, it's just a bunch of embers. They told us that a backyard fire is okay if it's dug out, and your cooking something. So basically they told us that next time we should put a marshmallow out and it would be fine, but for now we need to put it out. So after countless fires at the durham residence, and 2 straight days of burning brush, the fire department comes out to help us put out some embers. What a great use of everyone's time. Now we've got a bunch of half burned embers in a big pile. Awesome.


Blogger Aras said...

you should have whipped out your nuts and yelled, why don't you blow on these embers, man??

7:25 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

I'm not sure the fire department would have found that as funny as you do. Firemen walk around with axes and chainsaws, i'm not eager to piss them off while simultaneously exposing my nuts.

4:59 PM  

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