Tuesday, June 9

the right to choose

Of course this is bound to happen, once you decide that abortions are legal, it's impossible to try and say either legally or morally that abortions in general are okay, but abortions cause we don't like girls are wrong (or any other baby characteristic). Either the fetus has the rights, or the mother does, and if it's the mother then it doesn't matter why she decides what to do, it's her right. So congratulations to all the feminists out there who insisted that women should have the right to choose, because you just created the right to destroy the female population, (and after that, the rest of us too.) I don't know of any society in the world where people in general prefer girls, (let me know if you do) but i'm sure the chinese (and possibly most asians) would be happy to abort girls, i think the muslims certainly prefer boys, and even in most western societies, i think the tendency would be to abort girls in favor of boys.

As an interesting side note, it is for this reason that gays have been actively trying to block research into a gay gene. You would think at first glance they would be all in favor, prove that gayness is genetic, and therefore not any more a choice than height/skin color/dyslexia, but they are concerned that if a gay gene is isolated, parents will test for it, and abort children who have it. (side note gayness or not cannot be 100% genetic because there identical twins who have different sexual preferences.)


Blogger Liepa said...

first, your link doesn't work, can you fix it?

second, i think most western women would like to have at least one girl (maybe men wouldn't, but women would).

third, that's weird about the twins. maybe one of them is in hiding. at least i thought gender identity was about hormones in the womb when the brain in developing.

11:00 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

first the link does work. I just tested it. Maybe you are drunk. You realize there are 2 different links there? don't try to combine them into one, other it totally works.

Second it doesn't necassarily matter what western women want. Chinese women might also want a girl, but husbands can exert significant pressure on their wives in any society.

Thirdly no exact cause for homosexuality has been discovered. Both genetics and hormones in the womb are thought to play a role, but there's no simple answer.

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Ieva said...

Well, when you make things legal and make laws slightly ambiguous, you leave room for things like this to happen. Did people really not think about this during Roe v. Wade? Laws that make all abortions legal or are vague about what ones are and are not legal, will always give an opportunity for someone to abort a baby simply b/c its gender is not the one they wanted.

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Aleksandra said...

Identical twins have different fingerprints! I'm with Liepa that the gay factor could develop after they separate, if it's genetic.

Also there used to be buttloads of societies where either girls were preferred or there truly wasn't a widespread preference one way or the other-- but they have since been either wiped out or redirected by imperialistic boy-preferring societies. So such a thing used to be-- is it a testament to the superiority of boy-loving societies that they conquered and outlasted? I would not think so personally but it's been argued to me.


4:33 PM  

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