Saturday, June 13

what... the fuck?

For anyone who has seen the film sideways, you will recall the scene i am referring to, for anyone else, sucks to be you. But, what... the fuck. I'm not sure if i could be more outraged if i tried (and i've tried to be outraged over a crapload of stupid shit) but now facebook won't let me find any of my friends, instead it refers me to some (almost certainly retarded) shittastic creamsicle page. so first of this page is retarded, and i would rather shit my pants in public than acces it, second if i wanted to do a general serach i would have gone ot a search page, not facebook I Imagine that facebook will try to issue some sort of apology, but am i certain ahead of time that it is not enough, and further more fuck you. If i wanted intermittent access to my frineds i would just use my phone instead of facebook you fuck monkey. You only have one purpose and you just blew out your ass royally with virtually no chance for recovery, so enjoy your fucktitude.


Blogger Aras said...

drunk blog entry? i've seen sideways, but i have no idea what scene you're talking about.

p.s. i've just realized that this and your previous two blog entries were by you, loky, because on your beloved facebook they're listed under ginto notes.

7:11 AM  

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