Thursday, April 17

Fake apologies

I'm really sick of fake apologies. People do this all the time now, especially politicians. This is the apology where they say i'm sorry if i offended you. It's like when you agree to apologize to someone and you say i'm sorry you're such an ass. Even worse is i'm sorry if you were offended, now they won't even admit that they did anything. you were offended by something we don't know what, and we are sorry that it happened. Here is Obama's apology over the bitter/guns scandal: "If I worded things in a way that made people offended, I deeply regret that."

He won't even admit that anyone was offended. If they were offended than it was the way in which things were worded that made people offended. It wasn't the speaker who made people offended it was the wording that was responsible, but i will be the bigger man and apologize on the words behalf. I for one found his words offensive and much more offensive was the audience to which they were delivered. Therefore i clearly cannot accept the apology he gave on behalf of the wording of his words. The wording of his words did me no wrong, and they have no need to apologize directly or through surrogates.

Today i also found this unbelievable story. This is not from the Onion. CNN said it did not mean to cause offense after their commentator said the chinese were "goons" and that their products were "junk." Could you have a stupider apology. How could you possibly say that without meaning to offend. I think it would be fun if everyone would walk up to a casual acquaintance say the most offensive thing they can think of and then say no offense. That would make me laugh.

Solution: if you're sorry about something, say you're sorry. If you're not sorry, don't fake some sort of i'm sorry you got your panties into a bunch about nothing apology. Just come out and say you got your panties into a bunch about nothing so screw off.


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