Monday, April 14

More government interference

Most people probably haven't been paying much attention to the raid of a polygamist cult in Texas, but the government's actions are totally bogus. The government has raided the facility taken all 416 children, and put them in state custody. Why you ask? Because they have a tape recorded message from a girl claiming to be 16 who says she was being sexually abused and had been forced to marry some 5o year old guy when she was 15. The authorities have said they have not been able to locate the girl who made the call, or the man who was supposed to be abusing her. As far as i can tell this girl may not even exist, this could have been a prank call.

So based on these flimsy charges the governement has seen fit to remove 416 children from their families. The polygamists have invited the governor of texas, the president, and anyone else to come see where/how they were raising there children, and then go see the facilities where the state is keeping them and decide what is a better environment for the children. Of course the politicians can't do this, because they would have to conclude it would be better for the children to be with their families, and that would be political suicide. To send the kids back to polygamist cult.

This is all happening because they practice polygamy. If some mennonite girl, or amish girl had called would they evacuated the enitre community and taken every child into state custody. Because these people are polygamists, the state finds it easy to take them apart and nobody complains. Polygamists can't be good people, they can't give children a loving home. I wouldn't expect republicans to say anything, they are anti anything except for a single man and women marriage for life. They see everything else as evil. But if democrats plan to legitamize the rights of gays to marry and adopt children, then they ought to cry out against the trampling of rights of any family. Republicans and Democrats are all a bunch of do nothing assholes.


Blogger Aras said...

yea i read about that, but i didn't get up to the point where there was no evidence. why haven't they sued the state already?

2:45 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

They are suing. There was a hearing yesterday to start deciding on who should take care of the children. But who knows how long that battle could take, and in the meantime these children are all in the custody of the state. The parents are being required to prove that they are fit to take care of their children, instead of the state proving that they aren't. Total bogusity

10:08 PM  
Blogger Aras said...

Total bogosity? How do you pronounce that, bogosity or bogosity?

3:36 AM  
Anonymous Twila said...

You write very well.

6:59 PM  

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