Saturday, May 5

Bacon, the most delicious fruit

Yeah, so what the fuck. I went to the dorm cafetiria today, and they had BLTs as a special along with their normal food including double cheeseburgers. But they had no lettuce, or tomatoe, or bacon for their hamburgers, and it it against cafeteria policy to gice bacon to random people. You have to specifically want a BLT to get the bacon. So of course i ordered a double cheeseburger, and then i ordere a BLT, and just threw away the partst i didn't want (bread). This is a classic example of not thinking through the consequences of your actions. THe school thinks they'll save moeny but not giving bacon to everyon who wants it, but instead they have to give bacon, and all the side items to people who will just throw it away. next time think through what your policies mean instead of just coming up with randrom ideas about food dispersal. ( i know nobody will think throuhg it, but is really that hard to predent you have a brain. Nobody even wants you to pretend you have a heart, or courage. A brain would be enough.


Blogger stirbys said...

Yeah Loky, I know what you mean, to parrallel that story, there is this place by my work called the "wrap shack" ts close, convenient, relatively cheap, and the girls that work there are attractive- all good things right? wrong! So the first time I go, I order my wrap to have it there, they wrap it up to go, I had ordered fries, they brought me a pickle- mind you, I enjoy a gerkin once in a while, I mean I ate the one they brought me, but I ate it angrily. So about a week later I went back figuring Ill give them a "second chance." Ha, so much for second chances, first the very pretty girl at the counter overrang me by about 4 bucks. Then my food took 35 minutes to come out, when mind you my break is only 45. Standing by the counter of the "wrap shack" I hurriedly go to take a bite of this wrap and the thing falls apart like a full paper trick-or-treating bag on a rainy halloween night. I mean, there were sauteed onion, steak, avocado and bacon pieces all over the floor.

So, never going back to the "crap shack" again

11:12 AM  
Blogger V Krukonis said...

Speaking about bacon, saturday morning I went to this breakfast place made famous by "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and I ordered two dishes of bacon. They were pretty delicious. Then I went on to win our soccer game, so I'm guessing it was thanks to the bacon

11:40 AM  
Blogger Aras said...

That's awesome. Did I ever tell you about the Milk Bandits story? Cliff, my first roommate, and I used to steal milk and blue cheese sauce from the cafe. The blue cheese or ranch was for pepperoni pizza that we used to order from domino's every night with our dining points. That was easy, we used to fill small coffee cans with it. The trickier part was the milk. This was amazing. I went to the hardware store and bought a plastic tube that fit right into a gallon milk jug, and a funnel that fit right into the tube. so we used to take turns, one day I, next day he, would bring the milk and the other guy would dump it into the funnel through the tube into the jug, which was sitting safely on the floor in a back pack. One day he was pouring, and he dumped through too much milk. The jug was full, and milk was half way up the tube! We were discussing the situation, deciding what to do, when one of the cafeteria workers saw what was going on. He came up to us and said, "When you steal from the cafe, everybody loses." He left, we assumed to get the guards, so Cliff just pulled out the tube, a quart of milk slipped on the floor, and we hightailed it out of there.

A week later there was a story in the daily free press about shoplifting in university shops and cafeterias and two thieves in particular were mentioned: the Milk Bandits!

9:45 AM  

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