Wednesday, June 28


I interupt our regularly scheduled neringa programming to bring you, day at the office.

I won't actually cover things that occured at the office, cause those are boring, besides which it has come to my attention that certain people who work at that office also find occasion to read this blog. ehem james ehem. So i'll have to choose my words carefully.

anyway my dad had to take the mini-van to capecod today with my cousin and his family from lietuva, they've been visiting all week, and he didn't want to go through the effort of helping me learn to use a stick shift. This meant there was no car available for me to take to the office, so tete drove me half way or so to a co-workers house who drove me the rest of way, and then drove me home afterwork.

That was all fine, he seemed like a fairly interesting guy and we converesed at length about several topics finally setteling on politics for most of the 1.5 hour car ride home. That's the best part of work, sitting in traffic and driving an hour and a half home, i think if i had to do that on a daily basis, like my dad, i would kill myself. Or better yet invent some sort of flying device it and use it to fly to work like a bird. I would call it an aeroplane.

Upon arriving at my friendly driveway, i was looking to see if the car was back, to determine whether or not my dad was home, and i noticed some sort of funkadelic car in the driveway. I was thinking, what's the deal, some of sirvydas' gooftastic friends don't realize he's not here? and then i realized one of the people standing next to the car was not one of sirvydas' gooftastic friends at all, but rather gaja.

It was at that point that i realized that in fact we had gotten into a car accident on the way home. I was now in some hospital, either unconscious or else in a coma. Possibly even dead, although if so it was not clear yet if i was in heaven, hell, or possibly purgatory. Next alexandra popped out. Shortly thereafter gint, inga, vytenis and sirvydas all made their appearance. It was their claim that the stovykla at neringa had ended and they were free for 3 days until the next one, and therefore were all going to philly. This of course proved my theory correct. There is no way that anything but the demented mind of a person recently in a car crash could have created such a schedule for neringa, so clearly i am lying in some hospital bed.


Blogger Aras said...

so when are you getting outta the hospital? the only time i was in the hospital in connecticut was when i dislocated my pinky finger. it's still fuckin disfigured.

4:30 AM  

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