Monday, June 26

First thoughts of studentu

this will not be a very long post cause i've got stuff to do, plus me tired. But i figured i should write something to start with. First off i will not post any pictures cause i don't know how, so everyone will have to wait for gint or vytenis to do that.

I walk up to studentu and nobody seems to be around, i walk into the sale see everyone sitting around in a circle, and all the sudden everyone's eyes pop off and start roling around on the ground. I step back out hoping everything will normalize, but it doesn't. Apperently dispite the fact that i told vida that i was coming, so everyone thought i was still in lietuva, not coming to studentu. so that was cool, i guess it was a nice surprise for everyone else.

The nice surprise for me was the multitude oh hot girls. Last summer there were only 3 girls at studentu, so that was cool. 3 new girls, or at least i hadn't seen them before, so they were new to me. not exactly sure what lies and chicaneries were used to accomplish this, but i say use them again. from one year we went from 3 to 8 so by next year we should go from 8 to 21 and 1/3, but it wouldn't be pleasant to have 1/3 of a girl of we'll round it up to 22.

Also on a semi ironic basis while i was an exchange student in LT, there was a lithuanian who was staying with gintas as an exchange student in US. He came to neringa, so that was a little funny. Other than that the guys were as someone else put it, the ussual suspects.

More to come.


Blogger Aras said...

nice. drastically disorganized, as it has neeb, that is been, ever since the nunnery sold it to the laity.

i used the same logic over the weekend to propose that my male grandchildren with get busy/lucky with 1728 woman before they stop keeping count. ah, is there anything more refreshing than logic?

3:01 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

well the studentai were all organized at the bottom, just the queen ant is useless, and soon it will be time for us to stop supporting her and let her wither away and die.

Metaphorically of course. The chances of her actually withering away and dying from our departures is much slimmer then some might hope.

11:44 PM  

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