Tuesday, November 6

Fuck Bees!!!

I will punch every bee in the face. This weekend i went out to chainsaw an old dead tree behind our garden, and while i was distracted with my chainsawing i was savagely ambushed and attacked by bees. I received at least 10 stings, the last of which came 15 minutes after i had left the scene. Apparently the bee had been stalking me it flew at me and tried to blind me stinging me a centimeter from my eye. Sucks to be him cause i'm fine and now he's dead! Plus yesterday i covered myself from head to toe, went back and chopped the crap out of that tree. My dad thought the bees had been living in the tree, due to my garb my eyesight was less than perfect and it's not clear to me yet whether or not they were really living in the tree, but i threw the stump in the pond. If they were living there, they're dead now, and if they were living someplace nearby i'll find them and punch them all in the face soon. I will attack them with all the extra attack elements from realmz: Poison, fire, ice, and lightning. Poison, fire, and ice will be easy to arrange, I'm not sure what exactly i need to offer Perkunas to convince him to strike the bees with a blast of lightning.

p.s. I put a picture of myself after being stung by a bee up on my facebook profile.


Blogger Aras said...

you should get a mask to wear when you chainsaw, like, a freddy crugar mask! then those bees won't dare go near you!

6:01 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

I think freddy crugar mask has eye holes nose holes and some mouth holes too. That seems a little risky to me. If the bees fly in, there's no way for them to get out, they'll be stinging you for sure. Maybe i should try to get a costume that makes me look like a giant queen bee and force the bees to do my bidding. An army of bees could come in handy

4:33 PM  

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