Friday, February 8


I have saved zelda. Under the monicker Fitz, I have defeated both versions of the original legend of zelda without dying. Including but not limited to not dying after I beat the first version, but before i beat the second. I also defeated the SNES version a link to the past without dying in my first atempt. Not having played either version for a long time it was interesting to contrast them. The SNES version is much easier to beat without dying for 3 reasons. First the guys are much easier, and if you ever end up in a room with multiple hard guys you can just use your magic to kill them all at once. Second you have a mirror that will take you to the start of a level immediately if you get in any trouble, and most importantly you can get up to 4 bottles, and you can trap fairies that will bring you back to life if you forget to use your medicine in time. I feel like the SNES version is more about puzzles/figuring stuff out than fighting guys. In the NES version you have to find stuff, but there are no hints or clues, you just kind of wander around and try everything you can think of. In the SNES version there clues/riddles that you are supposed to figure out to advance in the game. In conclusion the SNES version would have been better if some of the guys/bosses were harder to kill and the NES version would have been better if there were some more hints about what you are supposed to do, especially about finding levels which can be very difficult (especially level 7 in the second version.)


Blogger Aras said...

Congratulations! Sounds like fun; I almost wish I was unemployed.

3:24 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

It's a deal, let's switch. You can be unemployed, and i'll have a job a enjoy and a family i love. You got a pretty sweet gig over there, i wouldn't be wishing for something else.

2:31 AM  
Blogger Aras said...

i said almost!

3:56 AM  

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