Sunday, March 16

Could Glass-Steagall come back?

Via Ed Cone, some people attribute the current crisis in the financial markets, and the emergence of financial engineering leading instruments that no one understands, to the deregulation of Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999.

I don't see that interstate banking, for example, has provided much benefit for me, though those barriers came down long before 1999.


Blogger Aras said...

i can't tell if that was spom or a real post.

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Blogger Trashcan said...

That was not posted by me, but it is possible it was intended as an actual post by someone else using this same comupter on a different blog.

Sometimes blogspot automatically assumes user identities that people don't intend. i know i posted a comment on this blog under the name of someone else who uses this computer without realizing it.

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Blogger Aras said...

well yeah, if you don't sign out, that's what happens. you have to be blind to the "kaip suprast" right above the "new post" on the dashboard, though.

what are you, on a public computer at the library or something? or was that posted by james b. gust...

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