Tuesday, March 25

More Middle School Malfeasance

Now kids are being punished for buying lunch. 29 kids in a New Jersey school were given detention for paying for their school lunches with pennies. The school had recently shortened the lunch period, and upset students paid for their lunches with pennies, which of course took a lot of time. I can see why the school would be upset, but you cannot discipline kids for paying for their lunches with legal tendered. It's simply ridiculous. The principle is clearly an ass on an ego trip who is upset that 7th graders outsmarted him. What he should have done is simply say in the future change will not be accepted as payment for school lunches, but to punish kids for doing something that is not against any rule, and according the the United States governement legal tender for any debt private or public is simply unconscionable. These kids should be commended for their thoughtfulness in non-violent civil protest and instead are being punished because some adults are on a power trip. If i was one of their parents (and i had the money) i would sue them until the end of time for this. I would sue them until after my kids had already graduated from college.


Blogger Aras said...

aren't the parents doing anything?

3:43 PM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

Maybe so. I haven't seen any follow up stories, but those would not be likely to make any headlines. The punishment is note worthy, parents suing the school over it would be commonplace. Parents sue schools over a bad grade, or a teacher yelling at a student, it's practically a forgone conclusion in my mind that at least one of the parents would try to sue the school.

1:49 AM  

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