Tuesday, March 18

"It's a blood sport," Stensrud said. "It is so antithetical to what we want our young men and women to do, and what we teach them to do."

So there is a group of kids that get together after school and have started a so called fight club. Basically they get together, and if anyone feels like fighting for fun they do. Sounds completely benign to me, and certainly not illegal. But i'd be wrong. They have been arrested under public brawling, and suspicion of public brawling. So now it's illegal for highschool kids to voluntarily engage in fight. If they took karate or boxing lessons, or anything where you pay someone, that's okay, but to just get together and horsearound with each other, that's illegal? Kids can only fight with one another if there is an adult making money off of it. whose idea was this. I used to fight with my best friends in middle school. We would fight on the bus, or whenever, just messing around. But as it turns out, the government has decided that it is bad for kids to engage with one another.

This is just another step in the emasculation of America. Even the police are quoted as saying "They see this as sort of a recreational, spectator-type sport where they just wanted to go out and fight." So if it's a recreational sport than where's the problem? And even though the fights were voluntary, took place after school, and off school property, the principle claims they violate school policy. As a result the school has taken disciplinary action. I'd be interested in knowing what policy that is. The policy where the school is in charge of every aspect of a child's life? Next we'll be hearing about how it's against school policy for kids to watch certain tv shows, or eat certain foods.

This simply could not be more bogus. Nobody was hurt. Nobody did anything against there will. Some 20 students were involved in fighting, and 60 just watched, so clearly there was no peer pressure that everyone had to fight. It's bad enough when the government intrudes on the lives of adults, but now the government won't even let kids be kids. Everyone has to live in some PC world where there is never any violence and men and women all act the same-like women.

To everyone i wish a happy St. Patrick's day, and to all a good brawl.


Blogger Aras said...

sounds like it is illegal if it's in public: if there's a law against public brawling, then it's illegal to fight in public. certainly you wouldn't like it if you couldn't drive to the grocery store without seeing three brawls along the way, one of which would lumber into the street obstructing traffic for you once a week?

point is, didn't any of those 60 kids see fight club?! it has to be underground for it to work. underground as in secret. duh.

why don't you get a license to hold self defense lessons in the field? you can charge two bucks a gander and make $120 a couple times a week. (i strongly recommend you don't do it without a license, if the heat's on)

3:55 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

It is not like it was going on in the middle of the business district. In face they had been fighting for quite some time without bothering anyone, until a teacher spotted 2 kids fighting and they blew the whole operation. As far as i could gather it was at some field where nobody ever went, but i guess was not private property. Some sort of park? i don't know, the article wasn't very specific.

people are always talking about how we can't impose our moral code on others, we can't tell people in the muslim world that women should have the same rights as men because they have their own moral code. But it's fine to impose moral codes on these children. No intelligent clear minded person could call what these kids were doing unethical or immoral, and yet they are being prosecuted because what they did doesn't fit in with some idyllic idea of what kids should be doing.

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