Wednesday, January 30

what kind of world is this?

I read a story today about 2 teenagers were kissing on the school bus. result? they were both expelled. I guess the school board feels that kissing another person is such a heinous and unnatural act, that anyone guilty of it doesn't deserve an education. If anything the school board aught to be applauding the social and emotional development of these teenagers. I can only conclude that they are bitter old men and women who are so depressed and disapointed in their own lives, they can't stand the thought of happiness in the world. This of course is not an isolated case. I've also read about schools where all touching has been banned. You can't give someone a hug, you can't give them a high five, you can't give them a freakin hand shake!!! what kind of a world is this where 2 friends can't give each other a high five after a good play in gym class, or have a secret handshake, or have any kind of hand shake?!?!?! Who is it that thinks this is good for education. I have an idea of how to help kids learn more. Ban them from all human contact. If people are this concerned about human interaction maybe we should just stop having public schools. Clearly children are not fit to interact with each other, so they should all be home schooled. Soon we can a society similar to the one Asimov envisioned where people would never have to be in the same room with each other and would lead entirely solitary lives. what kind of world is this anyway?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you think getting expelled for kissing is bad? well the year after i graduated from high school, kids were written up for hugs. yeah, i went to one of those "non-touching" schools. also, we had an insane dress code. if a girl raised her arms and her shirt came up above her pants and any "midriff" showed, then said girl would have to go and change. adn any misssed classwork could not be made. if a shirt was cut mor than two inces below the clavicle, same would happen. shorts could only be worn during pe or practice for any sports an then they had to be no shorter than two inches above the knee. and most ridiculously of all, flip flops were banned. if people didn't follow this dress code then they would be written up for violations of it. funny, i always seemed to get out of getting written up, even though i constantly violated said dress code. oh i'm so glad i'm in college now and don't have to adhere to such stupid rules.

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Anonymous ieva said...

oh, that was Ieva posting by the way.....sorry

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Blogger Jim Gust said...

Beyond having penalties for these things, the really bad part is the severity. If you wanted to have a warning, i.e. don't kiss on the bus again, or even a detention or something i could understand albeit not agree with that. But expulsion is the most severe penalty that exists. It's not like expulsion, and then deportation and then the death penalty. Once you expel someone for something, you are saying that is the worst offense they can commit. The only reasons to expel someone is they aren't gaining anything from school ( clearly these 2 were at least gaining some loving) or you are harming other students. As i recall there were people caught selling drugs at my highschool, and they were only suspended. Dress codes occur all over the place, and although i'm not a fan, i find them more understandable. Plus there is statistical evidence that in schools that enforce strict dress codes/schools with uniforms students have better test results. So that can be argued is beneficial for learning. No such argument can possibly be made for the banning of human contact.

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Blogger Aras said...

the problem with most dress codes is they don't specifically forbid your johnson from hanging out the fly; so, that's distracting anyway.

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Blogger Trashcan said...

I guess that depends on the size of the johnson. If it's pretty normal sized i think people would get used to it quickly. Obviously if it was super big, or even really tiny, people would keep noticing it, and that would be more distracting

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