Friday, January 18

All crime solved.

So I was driving towards a week and a half ago and at the start of the highway there are signs about construction ahead slow your speed. So i slow down to the normal speed limit, but not all the way to what you are supposed to. Then i see a cop in the distance so i slow down all the way. I get past him i start to speed up again and what do i spot another cop car in the distance so i slow back down. I get past him start to speed up, and what do i see? another cop car so i slow down again. I start to speed back and what do i see? a sign that the construction area has ended. You know what i didn't see that whole time? any construction!!! Maybe there is some construction going on at some time in the day, but there certainly wasn't any then. Just 3 cop cars containing either 3 or 6 cops (i don't know if they have partners for this job) accomplishing nothing except slowing traffic for no reason. So i'm driving back to Meriden this week what do i see? 4 cop cars, no construction. I drive home, back to meriden a couple of hours later. 3 cop cars, no construction. These cops are being paid for what now? I assume this is happening because all crime has been solved in Connecticut. And while that's reassuring, and nice to know, there's no reason to keep having a police department once all crime has been solved. We should at least trim it down and cut off some of the useless fat.


Anonymous Aleksandra said...

Was that "trimming the fat" a cops-are-pigs reference? Also, my friend from Maryland was hanging out with me in Binghamton and we were driving to a distant, rural archaeological site where we had worked all summer. And all summer as we drove the 40 miles down and the 40 miles back, our professors would hurtle down Route 17 going at about 80 miles per hour... through constructionless "construction zones" demanding that they only go 40... and so on this particular day Ann and I did the same. And then, at the end of the "zone," we spotted a statey in none other than a GIANT SUV... of Escalade/Durango/Yukon proportions. So she hits the brake, coasting by at 65, the local speed limit for 100 feet away from where the cop is parked... and yes, there was some pulling-over and $250 fining involved afterward.

We noticed him sitting there for ever after, never guarding any real construction. I think they do it for fundraising... reduced speed zones are TOTALLY the easiest way to trap people!

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Aleksandra said...

P.S. Why would a cop EVER need a giant SUV?

8:24 PM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

Well it's not my intention to say all police are bad. But i have always wondered what kind of a person takes a job as a campus policeman, or a traffic cop. Your job is basically to ruin other people's days when they haven't been doing anything to anyone. Yes there are people who drive way to fast and endanger other people, and there are college guys who try to get girls too drunk, etc. But the vast majority of people busted by the aforementioned cops are normal people living their normal lives.

The issue of giant SUVs is something completely different. Maybe they use it for off roading when necassary, or fitting lots of criminals. It's thanks to the federal government that we got all these SUVs. People like you demanded millage laws. So the government made them and cars are required to have higher millage. But the SUV isn't a car, it's a light truck? Just like most laws passed by the government it failed to have the intended effect. It killed off cars like the station wagon, and issued in the era of the SUV

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Blogger Aras said...

with smooth talking, you can talk your way out of, or at least scale down the charge on, 90% of violations. unfortunately, the other 10% will get you in some trouble you won't forget.

$250 for going 65 in a 40 zone? somebody doesn't know how to talk. . .

10:17 AM  

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